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By: The ServInt Corporation From USA

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ServInt is a web hosting company based in Reston, Virginia, United States, which has been around the web hosting business since 1995. The service is divided into multi-tenant hardware and single-tenant hardware. With multi-tenant hardware, you can only customize the drive size of your server, and you will share your server with other users. With single-tenant hardware, you will rent the whole server, and you will be able to customize some aspects of your server, such as RAM and drive size, which will help to give you the best server performance based on your needs. Each option will come with a fixed CPU core specification, as well as fixed bandwidth limit.

Server Analytics

ServInt provides detailed server analytics that will help you to monitor various aspects of your server. It uses proprietary server analysis software that will give you accurate statistic of the server resource usage as well as network activities. The server analytics are provided to you in real-time, but you can always look at the analytics report history in order to see the detailed analytics of your server in the past.

Access Speed

It offers very good standard in terms of read/write access speed, due to the SSD technology that it has. It offers a guarantee for read and write performance for your server, as well as the fastest and lowest latency for your server’s read and write. This will ensure maximum performance for each server, as compared with other VPS hosting providers without SSD technology in it.

Quick Scalability

Quick scalability means that you will get your server downgraded or upgraded very quickly, by eliminating the need to transfer your data from one server host to another host. Compared with common VPS hosting providers, quick scalability feature is a plus. That’s because often, you will need to wait for some time before all your data is getting migrated to another server. By cutting away the time it takes for upgrade and downgrade migration, users can have the maximum flexibility in choosing their plan and changing it whenever the need arises.

Multi-Tenant Servers Are Offered On a Per Customer Basis

Even though you are using a multi-tenant server, your server activities will not be affected by the activities of other users in the same server. The technology in ServInt hosting allows the system to restrict the activities of the server on a per customer basis. It means that no matter how busy the traffic that other server users are making, you will keep your server stable and reliable, without getting affected by it at all. By far, this feature is only available on ServInt.

Guaranteed Performance

ServInt guarantees that your website will be running 100% all the time, without any downtime or reduced performance upgrade at all. This is despite the traffic that you get on your server or the activities that you are doing on this server. In this way, your hosted site within the server will be guaranteed to run at maximum performance and never slow down no matter how big the traffic that comes your way.

High Data Redundancy

The technology in ServInt cloud VPS hosting will allow you to back up your data safely. In the event of hardware failure or any other events which require you to restore your data back to the server, high redundancy in the server hardware is important to determine how quickly you can get your data back. With high data redundancy, you will be able to restore your data faster, with the integrity of your data remains intact.


There are many options that you can choose from the ServInt VPS hosting service, and you can always upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime, with the quick migration process to help move your data from the old server to the new server. It uses SSD cloud technology to ensure maximum performance for each server. In this way, ServInt hosting offers the best flexibility, and it also offers various features that are exclusively available on this VPS hosting service. Whether you choose a dedicated or shared server, it will be a good value for your investment.

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