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By: IObit.

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IOBit Smart Defrag is a disk defragmenter software created and developed by IOBit, a software company founded in 2004 and based in China. The company provides various innovative software solutions that help to protect PC security and optimize PC performance. The company also releases various PC utilities to enhance PC functionality, such as uninstaller, file recovery, Windows start menu, file/folder unlocker, and more.

Stable And Efficient Defrag Engine

The good thing about IOBit Smart Defrag is that it has an advanced defrag engine that allows you to defragment your hard drives efficiently, quickly, and in a more stable way. This is what differentiates this software from the rest of the disk defragmenter tools out there. It means that it doesn’t disturb your system activities during the defragmentation process, and the process can be done really quickly with more apparent results that you can see immediately. Many similar software might be able to defrag your PC, but you may not notice the increase in performance of your system. But, with this software, you can see the significant increase in performance for your PC once you’ve done the defrag operation.

Improve File Access Speed

One of the main features of this software is that it is able to help improve the file access speed in your hard drives. It means that after the defragmentation process, you can see that you can copy your files more quickly and smoothly. Your system can also load the software installed on your hard drive more quickly as well. This is the benefit that you can get from using this tool to defrag your hard drives. This is especially true if you see that your system becomes less and less responsive. With this tool, you can solve the performance problem in your system and make everything go smoothly again.

Improve PC Startup Time

One of the most common signs of bad hard drive fragmentation in your system is that you can see that the PC startup process is getting slower. It means that it takes a longer time for your computer to load all the startup processes to the point that you can’t use your computer immediately after starting it up. IOBit Smart Defrag allows you to boost your PC startup time using the smart defrag method. Once your hard drives are completely defragmented, you can see that your PC startup time becomes significantly faster than before. There is no lagging in loading up the system processes during the startup time.

Automatic And Safe Disk Defrag Operation

The way this software performs the defragmentation process is automatic, meaning that once you’ve computer is analyzed for its hard drive fragmentation, it automatically determines whether your drives need to be defragged or not. If it is so, then the software performs the automatic defragmentation process that helps to fix the fragmentation problem in your drives immediately. The process is also done safely, meaning that your data or files are securely protected during this operation. You don’t need to worry that you might lose the access to your data once you start the defrag process.

Data And Disk Health Protection

IOBit Smart Defrag is responsible in handling the defragmentation process of your hard drives safely and securely. Thus, it comes with the data and disk health protection mechanism that ensure that the software protects the data all the way during the operation. Moreover, it keeps your hard drives in a good and healthy condition. It means that this software helps to protect your hard drives from any possible damage caused by file system errors and other things. By defragmenting your hard drives using this software regularly, you can protect your hard drives and data and keep them working properly. The read and write mechanisms of your hard drives are improved as well.


When it comes to keeping your hard drives organized and optimizing your PC performance at the same time, IOBit Smart Defrag seems to do the job wonderfully. The smart defrag engine ensures that you can defragment your hard drives quickly and efficiently, and when compared with other similar tools, this software stands out in this area. Moreover, not only it focuses on organizing your files and folders on your hard drives, it also focuses on boosting up the system performance and startup time, which means that you can see an immediate improvement in your system performance right away after using this software.

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