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By: SoftCity.

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Smart Driver Updater is a driver updater software that is created and developed by SoftCity, a software company that is a division of Avanquest Software S.A., based in France. The focus of the company is to help computer users get the latest drivers for their computer devices and peripherals so that they can keep their system in good performance. The software makes it easy for the users to update their drivers automatically, with a simple user interface.

Automatic Driver Update When You Upgrade Your OS

When it comes to upgrading your OS, or even installing the official updates from Windows, some problems may arise because some drivers are no longer compatible with your new OS. If you keep the problem without doing anything, it can potentially affect your system performance negatively. Smart Driver Updater helps you to scan your drivers automatically after the OS upgrade to ensure that all of your devices are functioning properly. If there are devices that need urgent updates for their drivers, you can easily update your drivers in just one click.

Instant Access To The Latest Driver Database

The good thing about this driver updater software is that once you’ve installed this software on your system, it connects your computer all the time with the latest driver database. So, when the software detects that certain drivers need to be updated on your system, it gives you a notification to update your drivers immediately. The driver database of this software is always up to date, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with system instability due to outdated drivers for your devices. Instead, this software helps you to prevent the problems of having bad and outdated drivers in your system, and solve these problems immediately.

Support Most Drivers For Your Windows Computer

Smart Driver Updater is a driver updater software that is fully optimized for Windows computers, meaning that it can work with most computers running Windows OS. Also, since it is optimized for Windows, you can easily find the drivers for your devices with this software, since it supports most drivers for your Windows computer. The extensive database allows you to get the correct drivers for your devices, whether your devices are considered old or new.

Backup And Restore System With Built-In Scheduler

The backup and restore system is fully integrated with this software, so that you can easily back up your driver installation, and then restore it later when you need it. The built-in scheduler allows you to schedule your driver scans and updates, creating an automatic process for the driver update process. With the automatic driver update process, you don’t need to open the software every time you want to update your drivers. You can let the software do it automatically at the scheduled time. With the integrated backup and restore system, you can easily roll back the problematic driver installation before it causes any further problems for your system.

One-Click PC Stability Improvement

Smart Driver Updater is designed to be simple and straightforward. It means that anyone can use this software to update their drivers without having to go through complicated steps in the update process. In fact, you can just update your drivers in one simple click, and with that, you can keep your PC performance in the best condition. You don’t need to manually go through each driver and update it one by one. You also don’t need to go to each manufacture’s website to download each driver update file. You just click once, and all of your drivers are updated automatically.


If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use driver updater software that does the job well in updating all of your drivers, then Smart Driver Updater is for you. This software takes care of all the steps required to update your drivers, and deliver the correct drivers for each device that you have in just one click. You don’t need to do some complicated steps just to get the latest drivers for your devices. Also, with the always-connected feature, you are connected to the driver database all the time, and the software gives a notification message whenever you have outdated drivers that need to be updated. This feature makes the driver update process more seamless and convenient for you.

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