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SoftActivity Keylogger Review

By: Deep Software Inc.

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Technology has significantly improved our quality of life. By providing information on fingertips it has literally revolutionized virtually everything from lifestyle to workplaces. However, it has also emerged as a major distraction (or worse, a spoiler) whenever not used with proper control and discipline. It’s not uncommon to find children visiting websites they shouldn’t, employees wasting time on social networks or spouses cheating on their partners. If you want to ensure that these things don’t happen with you then you need a good keylogger. So here we’re going to review a good one for you, which is known as SoftActivity keylogger. Let’s see how good or bad it is:


The installation of SoftActivity keylogger is simple yet comprehensive. The software and its installation both are divided into two parts: a full part and a Reports Viewer part. The full part installs full application while Reports Viewer part can only be used to check logs, screenshots and other monitored data. During the installation you can choose which part you want to install - you can install the full software or you can install the Reports Viewer alone. The advantage of this divided approach is that you won’t have to install the full software on the computer that you’ll use yourself to check the logs.

After choosing installation type you’ll be asked to set up a keylogger password. Once you’re done with that, the software will be installed.

User Interface

The UI of SoftActivity keylogger is completely packed with options. This shouldn’t be a surprise for those who have been using keyloggers for quite sometime - it’s common for them to be packed with configuration options because needs of users vary significantly. However, the good part here is that all configuration options have been neatly organized into 7 categories. So don’t worry, you won’t have any problem in using it.


SoftActivity keylogger has been built while many security considerations in mind. A number of security features have been built into it, which include:
Completely invisible monitoring: SoftActivity keylogger works in a completely invisible mode. It doesn’t show any files on the hard drive, and it doesn’t show up as a process in task manager too. The software comes to life only if a particular phrase is typed or a hotkey combination (which you’ll be able to set yourself) is pressed on the keyboard.

Password protection: Not just configuration of software but also the logs can be protected with password. Just choose strong password(s) for them and no one will be able to see them except you.
Undetectable: It can do its work quietly without being detected by any antivirus or security program. And even if detected (which is unlikely), you can easily bypass that by including an exception in your antivirus.
In a nutshell, SoftActivity keylogger has got proper arrangement in place to keep your monitoring data secured and hidden from people whom you’re monitoring.


When it comes to monitoring, I’d like to tell you that SoftActivity keylogger can monitor a wide range of applications for you. From all popular IMs to web browsers to other apps, you can monitor virtually every activity with help of this powerful keylogger. It can log:

  • Files opened and deleted
  • System log on/off time
  • Applications started and time spent while using them
  • Screenshots of applications
  • Web Browser activity (including URLs entered and screenshots of web pages)
  • Both incoming and outgoing IM chats in all popular clients
  • Other online behavior i.e. incoming and outgoing mails, chats etc.

Said simply, it can log virtually everything that you may want to see. But it doesn’t end there - it also has some pretty nice tricks up its sleeve when it comes to monitoring. For example, if you wish, you can let the people whom you’re monitoring know that they’re being monitored. A warning text will be shown to them (which you can modify according to your taste), but they won’t be able to know exactly when they’re being monitored. This, as you may expect, can help bring the people being monitored into some discipline. Now that’s some nice stuff!


If you want to prevent your kids, employees or partners from misusing technology without having to shell out a lot of money, SoftActivity keylogger is a great tool for you. It has pretty much every feature to keep you informed about the online behavior of your target(s) and still costs around $50 only.

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