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The Wildcard SSL Certificate is a wildcard SSL certificate released by, an SSL certificate provider company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. The company provides various types of SSL certificates, from the basic certificates to the enterprise certificates, with various features and benefits offered for each type of certificate. The wildcard SSL certificate from allows you to install unlimited certificates for your sub-domains, with 99% browser compatibility.

Maximum Trust and Compatibility

The wildcard SSL certificate provided by helps to build trust with your customers, and provides maximum compatibility with all internet browsers and devices. When you order a wildcard certificate from this company, you get a free secure site seal from, which you can put on your web pages to help increase customer conversion. Not only that, you can also get an unconditional refund within the 30-day of your purchase, which helps to protect your investment with the company. It also comes with $125,000 insurance for your certificates, which gives more security and protection for your investment with the company. By installing the certificate on your website, you can also get the benefit of better search engine rankings, which helps to increase your website traffic and increase more customers for your business.

Unlimited Sub-Domain Installations and Re-Issuances

The wildcard certificate that you get from can be installed in all of the sub-domains that you already have, as well as the sub-domains that you may create later. In this way, you can protect all assets that you have within your main domain name. It also comes with the unlimited server installation feature, which allows you to install the certificates on multiple servers concurrently, no matter how many servers that you use to host all of your sub-domains. This is a cost-effective way to maintain the security of your website, since you don’t need to pay additional fees for additional servers. The unlimited re-issuance feature offered by the company allows you to re-issue your wildcard certificates anytime, as long as your license is still active.

Public Key Encryption

The wildcard certificates provided by uses 2048-bit SHA2 SSL encryption algorithm, which ensures maximum security for all of your sub-domains. You get public key encryption for your certificates, which ensures that the data transfer done within your website is encrypted end-to-end, meaning that only the sender and the recipient of the data can see the content of the data itself. The encryption algorithm secures both the root domain and the sub-domains of your website, allowing you to build a strong encryption system site-wide, without any additional SSL certificate purchases. It can be used in multiple IP addresses with private keys that can be used concurrently, which makes the wildcard certificate from safe to use for hosting companies.   

5-Year Certificate Duration

Unlike various other SSL wildcard certificate providers that only offer up to 2-year certificate duration, the wildcard SSL certificate from can be purchased for up to 5-year duration. It means that you can save more money on buying wildcard certificates from this company. Moreover, the certificate prices offered by are lower than other certificate providers, with even lower pricing for multi-year certificate licenses. When you purchase the certificate for 5-year duration, you can get a 25% discount for your purchase.


The wildcard certificate provides the maximum customer trust with a free secure site seal that can help to increase your conversion rate. You can install the wildcard certificates on unlimited servers and unlimited sub-domains, with unlimited re-issuances. It offers a strong encryption with a public encryption key that ensures maximum security site-wide, meaning that you can always protect the data transfer between the sending party and receiving party all the time, wherever the data transfer takes place. Lastly, you can buy the wildcard certificate for 5-year duration, which allows you to save more money on your investment.

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