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Subtitle Edit is a subtitle editing tool that is created and developed by Nikolaj Lynge Olsson, a software developer based in Denmark. He has been working as a software developer since 1994, and he has been working with various programming languages such as Lotus Notes, DB2, Delphi, Visual Basic, MS SQL, and more. He has released various software on his official website,, such as Subtitle Edit, Multi Translator, and XML Content Translator.

Adjust Out-of-sync Subtitles Easily

The most frustrating thing about watching a movie with a subtitle is when the subtitle is out of sync. It means that the audio of the movie doesn’t match exactly with the subtitle that is displayed in the movie. This can be a problem, since you cannot enjoy the movie as you want to. The good thing about Subtitle Edit is that this software allows you to adjust out-of-sync subtitles easily. So, no matter what type of subtitle format that you use, if the subtitle doesn’t sync correctly with the movie that you play, then this software can fix the problem in a single click. You just need to re-sync the subtitle with the correct start time and speed, and then preview the new subtitle in the software interface. If the sync is good, then you can save the subtitle and use it.

Create A Subtitle File From Scratch

Let’s say that you like to create homemade videos with your video recording devices, and you want to put a subtitle for each video to make it easy for people to watch it. This software allows you to do just that. You can create a subtitle file from scratch using this software, just like creating a new text file. Then, with the timeline or spectrogram feature embedded in this software, you can ensure that your lines are synced with the audio in your video. In this way, you can minimize errors in creating the text subtitle for your videos using this software.

Support For More Than 200 Subtitle Formats

There are hundreds of subtitle formats available, and usually, most subtitle editing software only supports popular subtitle formats. However, with Subtitle Edit, it is different. This software offers support for more than 200 subtitle formats that are available, and with this software, you can also convert the subtitle files to other formats. In this way, you can enjoy your movies in any way that you want, with any subtitle format that you want. With support for more than 200 subtitle formats, it means that almost all subtitle formats can be opened and edited with this software.

Rip Embedded Subtitles

Sometimes, it is very difficult to edit subtitles that are embedded in the movie files. Without the right software, you can only edit the subtitles that are separated from the movie file. But, this subtitle editor can handle this problem properly. There is a feature in this software that allows you to rip embedded subtitles in movie files, so that you can obtain the separate subtitle files from it. It makes it easier to edit the subtitle files later. Also, this software allows you to rip the subtitles from encrypted DVD media, which is also a useful feature for you to use.

Compare Multiple Subtitles At The Same Time

The problem with movie subtitles is that those files are usually created by different people, and thus, they produce different results. Some subtitles are good in terms of translations, while other subtitles are just bad to read. With Subtitle Edit, you can easily compare multiple subtitles at the same time, and edit each subtitle as necessary. It also has a built-in translation system to help you translate your subtitles more accurately. With this feature, you can fix many mistakes in the subtitle files more easily.


As an open-source software, Subtitle Edit offers a lot of features that are usually only available in the premium subtitle editing software. It is a good alternative for those seeking to edit various types of subtitles using one simple interface, since it supports more than 200 subtitle formats. You can also create a new subtitle from scratch with the built-in subtitle creation feature, and adjust your new subtitle easily. If you are having trouble editing embedded subtitle files in some movie files or encrypted media, you can simply use the software to extract the subtitle files, so that you can edit it easily later. Moreover, it allows you to compare multiple subtitles at the same time to make it easier for you to fix for the mistakes in those files.

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