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SureTrader is an online stock trading platform provided by Swiss America Securities, Ltd., a financial and brokerage service company founded in 2008 and based in Nassau, Bahamas. The company provides trading services for both individual and corporate users, which allow the users to trade stocks and bonds for most markets in the world. The trading technology provided by the company can help both novice and experienced traders to get the best insights of their investment.

Low-cost Trading With Quick Executions

The most highlighted feature offered by SureTrader is its “1 penny per share” feature, which can be considered low-cost, along with the low-cost per trade that any trader can gladly accept. But, not only that, this platform also offers quick executions, which means that your stock orders are processed an instant you place it. There is no waiting for a few minutes or hours just to get your stock orders completed. This is because this platform has a direct access feature that allows you to place your orders directly, as well as analyze market data in real time. The low-cost trading and quick executions are the best combination that allows you to trade more confidently.

Powerful Trading Tools With Professional Features

This platform offers any user the online trading tools that they can use for free, which can help them to analyze their market, so that they know whether their investment is worth it or not. But, on top of that, it also offers the Professional version of their software, jam-packed with more features to give you more power in your trading activities. With a fixed monthly payment, you can use the software to gain more leverage over other platforms, since you get more insights about market data, financial analysis, and much more.

No Rules For Pattern Day Trading

Pattern day trading can be very risky for many traders. This is why there are certain rules and regulations that are impacted for pattern day traders to discourage them from doing their trading activities that way. However, SureTrader is a platform that allows pattern day traders to trade freely without any restrictive rules and regulations. So, if you are a pattern day trader, then this platform is perfect for you, since you can do your trading activities without worrying about breaking the rules or regulations in doing so. There are no account minimums for pattern day traders as well, which gives you more advantage in using this platform.

Routing Options And Large Short-List

Whether you want to buy or sell stocks, it is good to have some routing options at your disposal. This platform offers you with various routing options that can help you to reach your trading goals more effectively. Depending on the type of account that you have, as well as whether you want to buy or sell your stocks, you can use different order routing to reach your goal in the best way possible. Also, this platform offers one of the largest short-list in the market, allowing you to use more than 10,000 symbols in your daily trading activities. It helps you to execute your investment goal more effectively.

Extended Hours And Higher Leverage

If the regular trading hours are not enough for you, you can always use the extended hours offered by SureTrader to execute quick and important decisions for your investment. The extended hours include the pre market hours and post market hours, which allow you to respond to various important events during the regular off market hours. In this way, it keeps your investment in the safest position. The higher leverage offered by this platform can also give you more securities in your investment as compared to other similar trading platforms.


SureTrader provides a simple trading platform with the multitude of advantages for both novice and experienced traders who want to profit from their investment. The quick executions with the low-cost pricing help you to get the best value for your investment, and combined with a powerful trading software, you can analyze the market like no other traders could. Also, it doesn’t have any restrictive rules on pattern day trading, which means that you can do this activity without having to worry about any restrictions. Various routing options provided by this platform ensure that you get the best choices in buying and selling your stocks, and the higher leverage that it offers makes this platform superior to other trading platforms on the market today.

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