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Offers a convenient trading platform with lots of advantages over the competitors, with low-cost price per trade and per share. Built to fit with your unique trading style with point-and-click trading feature.

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Top SureTrader Alternatives
  • Fidelity
  • TD Ameritrade
  • USAA
  • Swell Investing
  • OptionsXpress
  • MB Trading
  • MotifInvesting
  • eOption
  • ZACKSTrade
  • Sogo Trade
  • Kapitall
  • Just 2 Trade
  • Loyal3
  • Barclays Stock Brokers
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Top SureTrader Alternatives and Overview



Fidelity is a low-cost brokerage account with various investment choices and unlimited trades.

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is an online stock trading, investing, and brokerage service with powerful trading platforms.

By: TD Ameritrade, Inc. From USA


USAA is an online trading platform that allows you to trade in stocks, funds, bonds, options, ETFs, and CDs.

By: USAA Financial Advisors, Inc. From USA
4 provides an online share dealing platform with updated stock analysis and ISA allowance.

By: The Share Centre Limited From UK

Swell Investing

Offers an online trading platform that allows you to invest in companies that give a high impact in the world.

By: Swell Investing LLC


OptionsXpress provides an options trading, futures trading, and stock trading platform, which you can use at home, office, or on the go.

By: optionsXpress, Inc. From USA

MB Trading

It provides various software, including MBT Software Suite (Desktop Pro, Mobile, Web, and Web Lite)...

By: MB Trading Futures, Inc. From USA


It features thematic investments, portfolio customization, low commissions and no monthly fees, social tools for...

By: Motif Investing, Inc. From USA


It provides various education and tools, including streaming quotes, eOption mobile, market commentary, daily market...

By: Regal Securities, Inc. From USA


It features platform customization, no software installation, market data and charts, orders and execution, news...

By: Zacks & Co From USA

Sogo Trade

It features four trading platforms: SogoOnline, SogoTrader, SogoOptions, and SogoMobile...

By: SogoTrade, Inc. From USA


It features live trading, retirement accounts, practice trading, tournament trading, tools, investing insights, mutual funds...

By: New Kapitall Holdings, LLC From USA

Just 2 Trade

It features automated trade order process, with front-end login interface, data exchange integration, real-time risk...

By: WhoTrades Inc. From USA


It offers various available stocks from well-known brands, including,, 21st Century Fox, BestBuy...

By: LOYAL3 Holdings, Inc. From USA

Barclays Stock Brokers

There are various investment choices that you can take, including cash, funds, Exchange Traded Funds...

By: Barclays Bank PLC From UK

SureTrader Review and Overview

People are doing trading in almost all parts of the world. The broker is a crucial element of trading. He is a person who has a license to trade stocks through the exchange. He can do the selling by being available on the trading floor or even by phone or electronically. Trade is complicated and risky. But if you get to know the complete process of trading and be able to understand the risk points, then you can avail benefits of trading.

What is SureTrader?

SureTrader provides you with a training course that encompasses trading details. It also has an option of a Live Trading Room where you can attend a live class about trading. As it is an online course, so there is no physical availability or location constraint, you can take the course from anywhere you want.

The SureTrader course:

This course makes you learn how to do winning trades. The Pros of SureTrader takes you through their deals and facilitates you to have an in-deep look into how they are using logical technical analysis to predict the markets to gain big. They give the option of following their trading, live, which, in turn, helps you to trade along and start making money.

What makes to opt for SureTrader?

This course starts teaching from scratch, which means they teach the fundamentals first and steadily takes you to the expert level. It is the fastest way of learning to trade. You can learn about how to find, research, and analyze trending stocks. You are given the opportunity of accessing the same tools which the Pros are using to find stocks. You get instant and free access to a live trading room. It also gives you material that includes DayTrader Pro merchandise and day trading tips. It gives you an outline of the money-making strategies that help you grow in the real market. It teaches you how to spot big sellers. It makes you understand the risk points where you need to get out of trades.

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