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By: Symantec Corporation

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Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL is a wildcard SSL certificate released by Symantec, an IT security company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. The company provides various IT security, storage system, and storage management products for individuals and businesses. The Secure Site Wildcard SSL is a wildcard SSL certificate released by Symantec, which allows you to secure your domain and multiple sub-domains using a single certificate, on a single physical server.

Full Certificate Authentication

Once you purchase a wildcard SSL certificate from Symantec, your business and domain name ownership information are validated by the staff at Symantec. It takes at most 24 hours to issue a wildcard certificate from this company, which means that you can use the certificate immediately on your website the next day after your order. With this verification system, you can ensure that all of your business information is validated and your customers can verify that you have a legitimate website for your business. This increases the trust level between your customers and your brand. Moreover, the full certificate authentication ensures that the wildcard certificate is issued only for legitimate businesses, which minimizes the risk of phishing and other malicious activities.

Daily Malware Scanning

Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL is integrated with the company’s best anti-malware scanner to prevent any malicious threats from accessing your encrypted data. With the daily scanning of malware that is automatically done on your web server, you can fully protect the data of your customers and users, along with a strong 256-bit encryption system to secure your online transactions. Other than that, the company also provides you with Norton Secure Seal, which is a seal that shows your visitors that your website is securely protected by Symantec. The Symantec Seal-in-Search provided with the seal can help you to maximize your conversion and minimize shopping cart abandonment.

Symantec SSL Assistant

The Secure Site Wildcard SSL provided by Symantec gives you access to the new Symantec SSL Assistant tool, which helps you to generate CSRs automatically. Moreover, you can also install your wildcard certificates easily using this simple tool. The tool is a standalone software that can be downloaded from the official website once you’ve purchased a wildcard SSL certificate from this company. The certificate also comes with an express renewal process, which helps you to immediately renew your expired certificates without having to wait for hours. A 24/7 support is available whenever you find any problem with your certificate, so that you can solve your problem immediately as it happens.

Strong Encryption Algorithm

A strong encryption system is needed to ensure that all of your sub-domains are protected from all kinds of potential threats that may damage your business. The wildcard SSL certificate from Symantec provides the strongest encryption algorithm, coupled with the best malware scanning software, to ensure the best security and protection for your online assets. To secure online transactions, the company uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm for data transfer encryption. Moreover, the certificate supports two types of encryption algorithm, which are the RSA and the DSA algorithms. These encryption algorithms can be installed in one single wildcard certificate that you can use for all of your sub-domains.  


The Secure Site Wildcard SSL from Symantec provides the best security encryption for your wildcard certificates, which allows you to secure your base domain and sub-domains on one physical server. The full certificate authentication ensures that your business and domain ownership information is verified as a legitimate organization before you install the wildcard certificate on your website. The daily malware scanning feature ensures that your website is securely protected on a daily basis, preventing any malicious attacks from harming your website in any way. The Symantec SSL Assistant tool allows you to generate CSRs and install certificates immediately, without spending too much time in the process. Finally, the strong encryption system that supports 2 encryption algorithms ensures that you get the best protection for all of your data and business transactions.

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