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T-Mobile is a mobile carrier service provider headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, which offers various mobile-related services with superior 4G LTE speed and availability. The company offers the users with services such as wireless internet connectivity, messaging, and calls that are available to all US residents. The devices provided by T-Mobile can be unlocked for free, so that you can use the devices with other mobile carriers in the US.

Fixed Low Price For Unlimited Data And Streaming

When compared to other carriers, T-Mobile offers unlimited wireless internet plan with low pricing fee and tax included. It means that there are no hidden fees that you need to pay at the end of the month, and the company is true to its promise. You can choose one plan for your internet need, and you pay only the price that is required for that plan. No more, and no less. With the basic wireless 4G LTE plan, you get unlimited data each month, which means that you can use the data to stream anything without worrying about data cap.

Use Different Numbers On One Device

Since this wireless internet plan is included in your mobile plan, it makes it possible for you to use it for other purposes, such as texting or voice calls. The good thing about this service is that you can use different numbers on one device. It means that you can assign one number for business, one number for personal, and other numbers for other things while still using one device to receive and send calls and texts over the mobile network. There is a maximum of 5 numbers that you can use on one device. Another choice is that you can use one number across multiple devices.

Good 4G LTE Coverage Availability Across The US Area

T-Mobile has been improved across the years, and now it is available across all the US area. When you compare it with the year 2014, for example, when the 4G LTE technology is still in its earlier stage, this mobile carrier only covers a few areas across the US with the 4G LTE access. But now, the company has expanded very much that it covers the whole US area with the 4G LTE connection technology. It means that wherever you are, you can always use the internet connection from this service provider in its fastest and most reliable speed.

Pay Off Your Phone From Another Carrier

The service provider has an interesting offer that can be enjoyed by those who want to switch to T-Mobile. If you have a phone that you get from your previous carrier, you can pay off the phone toward your new T-Mobile plan. There are specific phones that are eligible for this offer, and you can immediately get the new plan up and running in just a few minutes. The process of trading your old phone with the new T-Mobile plan is very quick and simple. You just need to make sure that your phone is eligible and still in good condition.

International And In-Flight Data Available

If you happen to travel internationally on occasion, you can bring your T-Mobile plan with you even on your international travels and during the flights. However, the company supports only international travels across North America, and free in-flight texting and data on flights with Gogo-enabled service. In this way, even if you travel internationally, you can still enjoy the stable data transfer and connection speed of this internet service provider without worrying too much about any additional costs. This feature is offered when you choose the advanced mobile data plan.


When it comes to staying connected online, you need a capable internet service provider that can provide you with the unlimited data connection, as well as good data coverage availability. T-Mobile is the US mobile carrier that offers unlimited data plan with 4G LTE technology, which covers all the US areas, so that you can rely on its connection speed and availability wherever and whenever you need it. It comes with a pricing plan without any hidden fees, which means that you just need to pay for the price that you’ve agreed to. Also, it allows you to use multiple numbers on one device or one number on multiple devices, as well as international data connection available. Overall, this internet service provider is recommended if you want to get a stable unlimited data connection with lots of features and fixed monthly pricing plan.

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