If you need quality broadband, wireless, phone services and bundle packages, check out T-mobile offering the best data plans with unlimited network coverage, unlimited 4G LTE data, speed, connectivity, multiple device support. The network provides pay as you go and prepaid plans.

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Top T-Mobile Alternatives
  • Tello
  • Sprint
  • Cricket Wireless
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Boost Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Textnow
  • Tracfone
  • Consumer Cellular
  • MetroPCs
  • At&t Wireless
  • Simple Mobile
  • Ting
  • StraightTalk
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Top T-Mobile Alternatives and Overview



Order the latest prepaid phones from assorted manufacturers at competitive pricing with the best data service and call plans.

By: Tello


Get the best value for money on phone data plans and internet services from Sprint.

By: Sprint Corporation

Cricket Wireless

If you need quality wireless services with the best plans and latest phone models, consider options from a reliable wireless service provider such as Cricket Wireless.

By: Cricket Wireless LLC.

US Cellular

If need the best nationwide network coverage, consider US Cellular services.

By: U.S. Cellular

Verizon Wireless

Looking for reliable and faster wireless and internet services? Explore Verizon wireless offering unlimited data plans and services, quality online streaming, best mobile hotspots with the best network coverage.

By: Verizon Communications Inc.

Boost Mobile

Looking for the best phone deals and network services? Check out Boost Mobile services offering the best phone models, best single line and family plans, coverage, phone financing options, account management, Boost plans and services at affordable rates..

By: Boost Worldwide, Inc.

Virgin Mobile

Explore services from Virgin mobiles offering the latest phone models, best plan spreads, at affordable...

By: Virgin Mobile USA, L.P.


The service provider offers basic and premium deals and more...

By: TextNow, Inc.


Tracfone offers a wide range of latest mobile phones across major brands...

By: TracFone Wireless, Inc.

Consumer Cellular

The provider offers unmatched and unlimited customer value and service at affordable pricing plans and...

By: Consumer Cellular, Inc.


The provider offers best free phone models, across major brands, unlimited LTE plans, high-speed internet...

By: T-Mobile USA, Inc.

At&t Wireless

Check out what AT&T Wireless has to offer in terms of wireless, TV, broadband coverage...

By: AT&T Inc.

Simple Mobile

The company offers the best prepaid cellular service, that efficiently runs on a 4G LTE...

By: TracFone Wireless, Inc.


The service provider offers unlimited data plans across mobile and internet, pay for usage, coast-to-coast...

By: Ting Inc.


Explore services from StraightTalk offering service plans, phones, SIM cards, deals, device activations, existing plan...

By: TracFone Wireless, Inc.

T-Mobile Review and Overview

T-Mobile, a brand subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, a German Telecommunication company, is the third-largest telecom company in the US and highly active in many other countries.

Operational since 1990, this telecom company has provided one of the most fulfilling services to the customers. Operating with several subsidiaries in about 15 countries, T-Mobile offers impressive packages in Mobile Data, Broadbands, Voice & Messaging, and even a Netflix subscription.

T-Mobile Wireless Services

The main driver of T-Mobile’s success is its wireless services. The wireless services include mobile communication plans for voice & messaging, broadband plans, etc.

In the USA, it operates in 1900 MHz to 1700MHz bands with coverage across many cities. The bandwidth may differ based on varying local laws.

It has evolved from basic 1G to 2G, 3G, and now uses 5G for 30 cities. On June 28, 2019, they launched their 5G network across 5 cities supporting the handsets like Galaxy S10 5G.

With their most effective Magenta Plan and free of cost roaming, T-Mobile has excelled in support services too. The mobile plans are highly personalized as per different needs like for Military, 55+ folks, and so on.

Phones & Devices

T-Mobile also provides an online shop for buying various mobile phones and other related accessories. This includes phones like iPhone 11pro max, Galaxy phones, and many more.

For tablet devices, it has several products from Apple, Galaxy Tab, T-9 Mobile Hotspot, and even sells Smartwatches, cases & covers, shocks, headphones, speakers, etc.

Apps & Connected Devices

T-Mobile provides few apps and utilities, either as supplementary services or as an additional product. The most common app is the T-Mobile app, which gives full information of a user account and manages it,

T-Mobile Tuesday is a lucky draw app providing prizes to the participating customers. DIGITS app can connect a mobile number to multiple devices and vice versa.

SyncUP Drive provides Wi-Fi in the car and helps in road navigation. There is a device protection app too.


T-Mobile has spread across various countries in telecom and its corresponding services. Owing to its high speed and secure network, it is becoming a fierce competition for its predecessors AT&T and Verizon.

Company Information

Company Name: T-MOBILE USA, INC.

Top Features

  • Unlimited Text And Talk
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Streaming Entertainment
  • Netflix Addition
  • International Text And Data
  • Unlimited In Mexico
  • Unlimited In Canada
  • In-flight Texting
  • Monthly Billing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Mobile Hotspot
  • Maximum 3G Speeds
  • Unlimited HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Wi-fi In-flight
  • Voicemail To Text Conversion
  • Unknown Call Identification
  • Unlimited International Calls
  • Unlimited 3G Tethering
  • Autopay Pricing.
  • Billing Questions
  • Usage Checker
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Wi-fi Calling
  • Phone And Device Tutorial
  • Troubleshooting
  • Rebate Offers
  • Device Trade-in
  • Unlocking Device.