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TextBroker for Clients

If you one of the businesses facing lack of writers and copywriters in house, TextBroker can be your reliable middleman to find such professionals for you in no time. It is a content creation service that ensures unique content by negotiating affordably fixed rates with online freelancers on your behalf.

You can expect unique content for any deliverable such as Web content, articles, blogs, press releases, reviews, eBooks, and white papers. Interestingly, there is no lower or upper limit on the number of orders to be placed.

Instead of getting bids, you fix a price as per the writing level (quality) needed through its user-friendly interface bridging the gap between clients like you and thousands of writers based in United States. Yes! You only get skilled U.S-based writers for your orders for which you can mention your own specifications and instructions for search engine friendly content on any topic.

Types of Services and Orders

For clients, TextBroker has two types of services on offer namely, Self and Managed. While the Self service allows you to select your author, quality level, and price, Managed service allows TextBroker to manage your order to ensure its timely delivery without compromising on quality. This one comes with additional features such as dedicated project manager, free consulting, custom planning and execution, and additional content services such as image integration.

In case you choose Self service, you need to choose from three types of Orders: Open, Direct, and Team. An Open order allows you to determine both writing level and price (as per the level of writing selected). There are four service levels to choose from namely, Could contain verbal mistakes, virtually error free, good quality content, and professional quality.

If you prefer the work of a particular author, you can directly send the order to him or her through the DirectOrder option.  Here, you can negotiate the price and delivery date. You can even create your own team of experts and set the price for the entire team by placing a Team Order.

The Work Process

Once a writer commits to take up your order, the article is submitted within the stipulated period. Now, you have the option of accepting or declining it outright but the latter cannot be done without asking for a revision. Therefore, you cannot directly reject the work done without giving a chance to improve.

Once the article is all right, you have the full copyright to use it as you want. In case the writer is not up to the mark, you can tag him or her as blacklisted after which that author cannot request your assignments.

TextBroker for Writers

TextBroker refers to a content writing service that offers distinct options of writing including press releases, product reviews, and blogs. Acting as bridge between you and client, the online service enables anyone with flair of English and grammar to write content and get paid for it, without committing a 9-5 job.

Unlike other content services that offer work based on bids and ratings of a writing test, TextBroker does not require you to bid or give a writing test before taking up an assignment. Further, it has some features that you may not find on other content writing sites, such as teams.

Types of Services and Orders

TextBroker offers two types of services: Self and Managed. The Self-Service option allows a client to choose the content’s author, price, and quality level. On the other hand, the Managed Service option enables the service provider to take up the responsibility of delivering the complete content on time.

For the authors, there are three types of Orders: Open (TextBroker fixes price), Direct (You fix the price), and Team (Client fixes the price).

The Sign-up Process

This is quite user-friendly due to ease of navigation, especially for the beginners. The sign-process as an author is free and does not require submitting a resume, although a short writing sample for getting an eligible ‘rating’ is essential for completing the profile.

Once you submit the sample, TextBroker gets back to you in just a few days (not more than a week) with the rating between 2 and 5. The rating help in identifying your pay rate as well as the types of articles you can write. Once the reach level 5, you are required to go through the infamous test of proofreading, which is actually tough to pass.

The Writing and Review Processes

When you select an article, it becomes unavailable to other authors. You get ample of time to write and submit it to your client through the online system, where it gets accepted or rejected. TextBroker reviews your articles regularly for ensuring adherence to their guidelines, especially those of the AP Stylebook. In case of non-adherence, demotion (reduced rating) is inevitable and that improvement takes much time (weeks).

Payout and Options

This is weekly but you need to earn a minimum of $10 and submit W9 form, for getting it transferred to your PayPal account. The payment happens automatically when the client accepts the assignment or fails to accept or reject it within a stipulated time.


If the prepay and tone inconsistency due to the selection of a different writer does not bother you, TextBroker is certainly worth trying.

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