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Thawte Wildcard SSL is a wildcard SSL certificate released by Thawte, an online security company which was acquired by Symantec in 2000 and headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. The company provides various products related to internet and website security, including a variety of SSL certificates and code signing certificates. The Thawte Wildcard SSL is a type of SSL certificate that allows you to protect all of your sub-domains, along with your main or base domain name with only one certificate.

Free Unlimited Licensing

Not all wildcard certificate providers allow you to install your certificates for free on multiple servers, and thus, they may ask for additional fees for this feature. However, the Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate can be installed on many servers simultaneously without any additional charges. In this way, you need to pay only for the price of one certificate in order to use it on all of your sub-domains and server hosts. With the certificate issued to you within one day of your order, you can always make the certificates for your website ready in the next day. Other than that, you can also re-issue your certificates anytime for free throughout the lifetime of your certificates.

Full Organization Validation

The full organization validation offered by Thawte Wildcard SSL allows you to validate the whole organization information that you submit to the company. It means that you can show your visitors about the legitimacy of your organization or company, so that they can do business transactions within your website without worry. It can also help you to boost your brand reputation, as well as establish trust between your customers and your brand name. Upon validating your full organization information, you get a free Thawte Secure Site Seal, which you can put on your website to show your visitors that your website is securely protected. The seal can help you to minimize shopping cart abandonment, as well as attract more customers to your business.

Secure 256-bit Encryption

The encryption system used in Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate is 256-bit secure encryption, which is the strongest encryption algorithm available today. This encryption system has become the standard encryption system for online security, which allows you to create a private and secure connection between browsers and servers. This secure encryption system is applied in all parts of your website, including web forms, mail, gateways, FTP servers, and VPN connections. It may take millions of years for hackers to crack the encryption algorithm contained in Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate, ensuring the full protection of your data. Moreover, you get $1,250,000 warranty assurance when you buy a wildcard certificate from Thawte, which protects your investment with the company.

Competitive Advantages

With only one certificate, you can gain a lot of advantages over your competitors, allowing you to establish a better image for your company in your target market. You can protect all of your sub-domains with one certificate and install them on multiple servers without additional charges. By doing this, you can establish a better trust for your brand and boost your search engine ranking significantly. So, you can always attract more traffic to your website by installing a wildcard certificate from Thawte and without doing any complicated search engine optimization techniques.


The Thawte Wildcard SSL provides a free unlimited licensing feature that allows you to install the certificates on multiple servers simultaneously, with free re-issuances throughout the certificate lifetime. With full organization validation, you can ensure that all of your company or organization information is legitimate, which helps to establish trust between your brand and your customers. The strong 256-bit encryption system allows you to protect all of the data transfers done between the browsers and your web servers, ensuring maximum security and privacy for your customers. And with Thawte Secure Seal, you can get various competitive advantages that allow you to establish a better image than your competitors in your target market.

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