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By: Tipard Studio.

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Tipard DVD Cloner is a DVD backup software created by Tipard Studio, a software company founded in 2008. The company specializes in creating software related to digital video and audio, with the aim to provide a user-friendly solution for multimedia file conversion and transfer. The software released by the company includes video converters, DVD converter tools, and all-in-one converter solution.

Clone DVD Or Create ISO Image File

When it comes to DVD backup, Tipard DVD Cloner offers features that can help you to back up your DVD in various ways. With this software, you can clone your disc to another blank disc, compress your DVD 9 to DVD 5 disc, or create ISO image file from your original disc. It can also be used to burn local DVD folders to a blank DVD disc easily. It is a perfect DVD backup solution that gives you the flexibility on how you want to get your backup copy. In addition to that, each backup copy that you make using this software has the best quality, since the software doesn’t reduce the quality of your backup DVD in any way.

Multiple DVD Backup Copy Modes To Choose

With this software, you can choose between multiple copy modes that allow you to get the kind of backup that you want. The Main Movie option allows you to back up only the main movie from the original DVD, which means that you can play the backup file directly without having to see the DVD chapter select screen or main menu. The Full Copy option allows you to clone the entire DVD to another blank disc or as an ISO image file. You get all the elements intact when you choose this option. And the Customize option allows you to personalize your disc's backup.

Fast And Convenient Backup Process

Tipard DVD Cloner offers fast and convenient backup process that you can perform in just a few clicks. The simple user interface helps you to perform the backup process as quickly as possible. With this feature, even beginners can use this software without having to struggle between the menus. Once you start the backup operation, you simply need to wait for it to complete the process, and you get the backup copy with the quality exactly the same as the original copy. It is compatible with various blank DVD disc types.

Customizing Your Backup In Just A Few Clicks

This software also offers personalization for your DVD backup, allowing you to back up your DVD exactly the way you want it. With the Customize option, you can choose which parts of the disc content that you want to back up, and which parts of the content that you don’t want to include in your backup copy. With this option, you can also remove all subtitles, titles, and audio tracks from your backup copy. In this way, you only get the parts that you want to keep in your backup archives. This option is very useful to back up DVD discs with multiple content in it.


As a DVD backup solution, Tipard DVD Cloner gives you the basic functionalities that allow you to save the backup copy in the way you want. It’s very simple to use, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. The low price point offered by this software is one of the biggest advantages of choosing this software over other similar software. It is great to be used to back up your collections regularly, if you don’t really want to use some advanced features that are usually offered in the other DVD backup software.

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