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UK2 is a website hosting company based in Shoreditch (UK) which is in operation for the last 15 years. They also call themselves a Britain’s local web hosting company. The company is part of UK2Group which also offers arrays of hosting solutions through other brands such as MidPhase,, 100TB, AN Hosting, WestHost and many others.


The company mostly offers Linux based website hosting solutions. They three shared hosting plans: Essential, Business and Business Cloud. You can enjoy infinite bandwidth and space with UK2 Hosting. Below are the important features of the website. If you’re looking for a very lite hosting then they also have a plan called “Budget Hosting” which allows 500 MB space and 1GB bandwidth (Quite less in 2015 huh?) for 99p per month with two year of commitment. Apart from shared and budget plans, they also offer reseller, VPS (included VPS cloud and SSD Hosting) and dedicated servers too.

Control Panel

All the shared hosting plans offered by UK2 comes with a sign on system called CHI which allow you to directly login to your cPanel account from within. CHI is a kind of central account dashboard which also streamlines all the jobs related to domain and web hosting.


You will have access to one free domain name with all the shared web hosting plans. You can create a maximum of ten websites with the essential plan. With higher end plans you can host as many websites as you want. As far as sub domains are concerned you can have infinite sub domains. If you want to give limited access to other people without giving them control to the entire website, you can make use of FTP accounts. The essential plan has one FTP account while it is unlimited for all other accounts. You can have a dedicated IP with Business and Business Cloud plans.

SEO Tools

SEO tools help you to increase your online visibility. A search engine optimized website gets a better rank in the search results. It directly results in a better business. The SEO tools offer a number of suggestions which will help to increase your website's optimization score and help it get a better rank in the search results.

If you prefer to host your site on dedicated IP then business or business cloud plans already comes with one dedicated IP. However we couldn’t find any information if you’re allowed to order more than one dedicated IP.

User Friendly Approach

As mentioned on official website, there is no hidden fee to set up your website. A 24X7 telephonic and internet customer care is always ready to help you. The customer service associates are well trained and friendly. The website uses simple language so that you can figure out the meaning easily. However, there are always links available to the detailed specs for the techies. You can also use the video tutorials to understand the functioning. The website also offers a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the website's performance.

Cloud Platform

The website offers a cloud based hosting plan to the users of business cloud plan. A cloud based server is far more efficient that local servers. It makes the websites more responsive and improves their uptime by using another server to keep the website online if the local server fails.

Website Statistics

Website statistics tools allow you to get exact data regarding the incoming traffic to your website. The website offers tools like Webilizer and AWstats to give you all the traffic data you need. A detailed study of such data will help you understand what engages your audience more. This way you can focus on that part and make your website more successful.

UK2 also offer an analytics service called Stats 2.0 which seems like a whitelabel product of popular analytics service Clicky. You can opt for the service for £9.95/year and it is free with certain plans too.

Apps and Database

You can install over 100 apps or open source script to enhance various features on your website. These apps are free of cost and can be installed very easily. There is a variety of apps for blogging, forums, e-commerce, making website interactive, gallery, community management among many others. These apps will save your time, money and a whole bunch of hassle. You will be given an infinite size database for your websites. You will also get infinite MySQL databases with Business and Business Cloud plans.

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