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By: NCH Software, Inc. From USA
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VideoPad from NCHSoftware is a fully featured video editing software. It rolls plenty of features supported by an easy to use, intuitive interface. It lacks many advanced functionality, but it is every bit worth the price tag it carries.

Video Editing

Though, it drops a number of advanced features common in the high-end video editors. This is why it still remains as the basic video editing application. The Master’s Edition allows you to add unlimited tracks to your project. This is a standout feature. Only the most advanced and expensive video editors allow unlimited track editing. In spite of this, VideoPad is still more suited to the beginners as the experienced users will miss several features essential to their complex projects.

The software packs all the basic video editing tools including cut, trip, clip, resize, image stabilization, colour correction and more. It is a good choice for those who have never used any other video editing program before. They can easily and quickly learn the basics of video editing before advancing to more involved video editors.

Video Effects and Transitions

Video editors have evolved significantly. Effects have become an essential aspect of even the most basic video editing programs. In fact, even the casual, mobile video editing apps include many effects. VideoPad keeps up with the demands and encompasses a wide range of effects and transitions. You can add the effects easily to your project using the drag and drop feature. There are a variety of effects for different types of projects. VideoPad also uses the stereoscopic conversion technology to convert your 2D videos into 3D.

VideoPad also offers a decent collection of video transitions. Not only can you choose the right transition for video clips, you can also determine the duration of each transition. Additionally, VideoPad has several Overlays, Title effects, and captions as well. Integrated Chroma Key technology lets you edit the videos with green screen background.

Audio Tools

You can import a wide range of audio files to your project including mp3, wav, m4a, wma, flac, voc and many more. The built-in audio mixer lets you generate high-quality sound for your video. You can pick and mix the soundtracks available in the library. You can also create the custom soundtracks using their in-house mixing application called MixPad. You can directly record audio, dialogues, and personal narrations with microphone. The audio can be made more appealing and catchy with sound effects. They have plenty of sound effects available for free in their Sound Effect Library.

Input/Output Formats and Sharing

VideoPad supports a variety of video input formats from a large range of popular devices. You can import and edit the videos taken from webcams, smartphones, camcorders, VHS and many more. Divx, MPV, WMP, MPEG, AVI and H.264 are some of the compatible video formats. VideoPad is not compatible with the latest HEVC H.265 video format. This could be a major setback for those who use the most modern video cameras for production.

VideoPad lets you export your videos in a wide range of resolutions including 2K, full HD and 4K. You can optimize video format and quality for specific devices like smartphones, smart TV, Apple TV, iPhone and more. You can burn the videos directly to Blu-ray, HD-DVD or simple DVD. The integrated social features allow you to share the videos directly on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.  


The software is available in two variants: Master’s Edition and Home Edition priced at $69.95 and $39.95 at the time of writing of this article. Home Edition is for more casual users that wish to create personal videos. It is fully featured but offers only two audio tracks and does not support external plugin. The Master’s Edition offers unlimited audio tracks as well as plugins support.

Video Optimization Tools

VideoPad offers a fair selection of video optimization tools. You can easily balance the colour temperature and do the colour correction. You can fine-tune the colours for an existing clip or any effect added to it. This video editor also allows you to modify the speed of the video and play the video backwards. Video stabilization ensures reduced jerks and shakes. You can easily add the digital photographs and images to your project. As aforementioned, Master’s Edition extends functionality with plugin support giving you access to more effects and tools.

Ease of Use

VideoPad has been clearly designed for the beginners and fledgling video editors. It is one of the easiest video editors to use. The simply structured user interface offers great ease of use. Every item of frequent use has been organized cleanly on the home screen. You can arrange the clips on one side and preview them on the other. The timeline/storyboard is placed on the lower pane as usual. The beginners will experience fast learning progress.


VideoPad Video Editor by NCH Software is designed for the novice users. It offers two editions namely Home and Master’s. But, both are full-featured with former’s features only limited in capacity. This is why there is nothing much to choose from for the more experienced users. Overall, it is a good tool if you need to do basic or slightly complex video editing.

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