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By: Copyblogger Media, LLC From USA

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WebSynthesis is a WordPress hosting service offered by the " Copyblogger Media LLC". Their plans start at only $47, with a daily traffic limit of 10l visitors. The service started in 2010 and now regarded as one of the leading WordPress hosting providers in the market. In 2013, the company started offering, “Scribe content marketing software”.

Power users will absolutely appreciate their comprehensive keyword and social media integration technologies. (Keyword research, content ideas, content marketing strategies and tools are included in the plans). Advanced users with an understanding of content marketing and SEO will find WebSynthesis to have attractive customizability.

Key Features

WebSynthesis shines with its advanced features designed specifically for power users, content marketers, and search engine marketers. WebSynthesis has built in keyword and social media research tools, content suggestions, demographic research tools, page optimization advice, and content development guidance that is truly unique and difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to their unique power-user features, they also offer NGINX caching, a hosting-stack designed specifically for WordPress, guaranteed uptime, DDoS protection, and customized “Synthesis Security Software”.

Different Packages

WebSynthesis offers four different packages. "Starter", "Professional", "Advanced", and "Enterprise". Their "Starter" package is ideal for smaller Corporations, and includes 1 WordPress install, 3GB storage, 50GB monthly bandwidth, and 2.5k daily page views. Their "Professional" package includes 40GB storage, 650GB monthly bandwidth, and 20k daily page views. Their "Advanced" package includes 80GB storage, 1.5TB monthly Bandwidth, and 85k daily page views. Their "Enterprise" level package includes 160GB storage, 3TB monthly bandwidth, and 300k daily page views.

All packages include free caching, S3 data backup (amazon), malware scans, daily backups, and fragment caching. WebSynthesis offers Media Temple and NetDNA CDN support, though they claim their servers are so optimized that CDN is typically not required.


WebSynthesis offer audited, locked-down configuration that work behind the scenes. Also DOS/DDoS protection is enabled on all packages. WebSynthesis also provides a comprehensive network topology known as “Synthesis Security” and their security policies are not outsourced and everything is in the house. They also boast a smart pattern analysis protection scheme from brute-force attempts and cross-scripting attacks, and claim that false-positives are nearly nonexistent.


WebSynthesis's scalability is comprehensive and their "Enterprise" plan offers a traffic limit of 300k visitors per day, (that’s 9 million visitors per month). WebSynthesis is willing to work with customers that will exceed this amount, so upward scalability is never a problem.

Marketing Tools

As mentioned earlier, all the plans of WebSyntesis also come with “Scribe content marketing software” which is a content marketing and optimization plugin. The plugin can be installed in Wordpress blog. It allows users to find profitable keywords, optimize their content for better visibility and many other marketing related features. Standalone version of this toolset is offered for $97/month but it is included in all the WebSynthesis plans by default.

Site Sensor

All the plans offered by Web Synthesis come with Site Sensor. The service offers various monitoring and maintenance related checks to make website owner’s life easier. Their 24/7 site monitoring to check uptime and downtime of website(s) so that website owner can be immediately notified in case of downtime. There are many other checks included in this service such as SMTP server checking for better email uptime, WP update check to keep WordPress code up-to-date, Privacy check for search engine and much more.


WebSynthesis offers advanced features that power users will appreciate, SEO and content development features that marketers and small business owners will love, high scalability, and price points for businesses of all sizes. Customers of all sizes can find safe quarters in their security policies, and their help desk is manned by WordPress experts and security enthusiasts.

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