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By: Awareness Technologies, Inc From USA

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WebWatcher is an internet filtering and parental control software created and developed by Awareness Technologies, Inc., a software company founded in 2002 and based in USA. Aside from developing WebWatcher, the company also develops other software that focuses on helping the users to monitor and protect their data usage. The software created by the company can be used for both family and business users that want to monitor their internet usage and fully control their device usage.

Stealth And Tamper Proof Installation

No matter what type of device that you choose to install WebWatcher, you don’t need to worry that your family members or employees know about the software installation. This software is installed discreetly on your devices, and thus, it is not displayed in the list of programs that are installed on your operating system. Moreover, your family members or employees cannot tamper with the installation as to avoid you from monitoring their activity. They cannot change the installation in any way, since you are the one who holds the full control of the software. In this way, they don’t know that you are monitoring their activity with this software.

Monitor Website History And Searches

Among many monitoring features that are offered by this software is the monitoring of your website history and search activity. With these features, you know what the users are doing on the internet. You know the websites that they visit on their devices, as well as the search activity that they perform. Every activity that involves browsing the web is logged into your admin panel, so that you can check it in real time. It is useful to see whether your employees or family members are browsing the websites too much, or whether they are visiting inappropriate websites during their browsing activity.

Monitor Social Media And Instant Messages

Children, especially teenagers, are using social media all the time. It means that most of the time, when they are online, they are visiting various social media pages that they have. Also, they use instant messaging applications a lot to communicate with their friends and other people. It’s the same for employees, as sometimes, they visit their social media pages during work hours, which may interfere with the job that they need to do. Fortunately, WebWatcher can help you to monitor the social media and instant messaging applications used by the users of this software. It means that you can know whether they use the social media and instant messaging applications too much, what do they talk about, and who they are talking to.

Record The Typed Keystrokes

The good thing about this software is that aside from its function as an internet filtering and parental control software, it also functions as a good spy software as well. It means that you know exactly what the users are doing with their devices, including what words that they type it. Every single keystroke is being recorded in real time, and it is displayed on your admin panel for you to review. So, even though they try to hide their traces of online activity for you, you can always watch what they are typing on their device.

Block Any Program And Send Alerts

Some programs that are installed on your devices may or may not be good for your family members or employees. Some programs can simply be a great time waster for them, such as games, instant messaging applications, and the likes. With WebWatcher, you can block any program that you want, so that the users of your devices cannot access those programs without your permission. It also sends alerts for any words that you consider inappropriate. Whenever those words are typed or read online, the software sends you an alert about it. Additionally, it can also allow you to block any website that you want, so that they cannot be accessed by your users.


WebWatcher is not just a regular parental control and internet filtering software that you can use. It also functions as a kind of spy program to monitor the device usage of your family members or employees. As a monitoring tool, it can be used for both desktop and mobile devices. It offers various features, including website activity monitoring, social media monitoring, website blocking, program blocking, alerts and notifications, keystroke monitoring, and more. So, if you want a comprehensive monitoring tool that is also good as an internet filtering and parental control software, this is the right software for you to use.

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