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WhiteSmoke is a grammar-checking software released by WhiteSmoke Inc., a software company based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. The company was incorporated in 2002, and since then, the company has experienced consistent growth in users and profit. The company offers products to help students, writers, businesses, and others, to improve their writing and online publications so that their content can be presented in a better way.

The software is equipped with a plagiarism checker tool that allows you to check the uniqueness of your texts, aside from just checking the grammatical and spelling errors of your writing.

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke provides a robust grammar-checking tool that helps to correct even the smallest grammatical errors in your writing. Not only it helps to detect grammar errors within your text, it also helps to offer suggestions as to how to correct each mistake. It helps to turn your writing into a good piece of writing, regardless of your writing skill. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a new writer, you can make mistakes. This software can help to pinpoint your mistakes and correct it before you put your writing in front of your readers. This software can be considered as a reliable editing tool that is essential for any writer who wants to create an error-free writing and keep their readers interested with their piece of writing.

Style Checker

Many grammar-checker tools don’t have a style checker feature to check the writing style errors in a text. The Style Checker feature can be applied to your writing by ensuring that you are writing according to the general rules of writing, especially in regard to the monotony of the sentences and the consistent usage of the tenses (past, future, and present), to ensure that your writing is always easy to read. WhiteSmoke has a special algorithm to determine the mistakes in your writing style by comparing your text with thousands of writing samples to ensure correct writing style and structure.


The software uses SMT technology to ensure accurate translations of your text into various languages that are supported by WhiteSmoke. The SMT technology, which is an abbreviation of Statistical Machine Translation, determines the translated version of your text after comparing it with millions of sources related to your text, including the previous available professional translations, in order to determine the best possible translation of your text. It helps to ensure that your translated text is highly accurate and professional. It also features a dictionary and thesaurus to enhance your translation.

Spelling and Punctuation Checker

Spelling and punctuation errors can often make your written text look unprofessional. In order to present your text professionally to your readers, it needs to be free from any spelling and punctuation errors. WhiteSmoke is a software backed by professional linguists, which means that each feature that is included in this software comes from the knowledge of various language experts. The software has an accurate spelling and punctuation checker, which is always updated to include newer words so that the software doesn’t mistake a popular product name with a spelling error.

Plagiarism Checker

This feature is useful if you are using your text in various online publications. The Plagiarism Checker tool from WhiteSmoke helps you to analyze the part of your text that is not unique, and it gives you the list of various online publications that already have the same text as yours. So, whether it is the whole or the part of your text, you can still detect the duplicate of your content with this software. This allows you to change your text and make it unique before publishing it to any website.


WhiteSmoke provides a complete grammar-checking tool that helps to improve your writing quality in various aspects, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, uniqueness, style, and more. It gives an accurate assessment of your writing quality, with useful recommendations that allow you to fix your mistakes easily. With two available pricing plans, you can either choose the WhiteSmoke Anywhere or Premium plan, with flexible payment options, including the option to buy a lifetime license for the software.

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