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By: Digiarty Software, Inc.

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WinX DVD Copy Pro is a DVD backup solution provided by Digiarty Software Inc., a leading multimedia software company founded in 2006 and based in Chengdu, China. The focus of the company is to provide professional and innovative multimedia software solutions for Windows and Mac users worldwide. Their software includes video conversion software, DVD ripping and backup solution, and iPad or iPhone transfer management software.

Backup DVD Protected By DRM

Nowadays, DRM protections applied to DVD media make it more difficult for people who legitimately buy the DVD to backup their own DVD. If you are buying movies in the form of DVD from various retailers, then the DVD is likely to be protected by a certain type of DRM protection system, such as Sony ARccOS, Disney DRM, RCE, UOPs, and so on. WinX DVD Copy Pro allows you to backup your DVD, even though it is protected by a tricky DRM protection system. It supports the latest protection system, as well as bypass any region protection. It means that you can back up any DVD that you buy from anywhere easily with this software.

Backup Scratched Or Damaged DVD

Sometimes, scratched or damaged DVD makes it difficult for you to perform a backup process for your media. It is difficult for most DVD backup solutions to read bad sectors in damaged or scratched DVD, and it can result it the failure of the backup process. This software uses sector-to-sector DVD backup process, which ensures that each sector of your DVD is backed up nicely. It reads bad sectors very well, ensuring that you get the best quality backup of your scratched or damaged DVD.

Smooth Performance With Low CPU Usage

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a software that has very smooth operation, and it works very well even in slow computers. This is because it uses low CPU usage in its backup process, whereas other DVD software can usually drain your CPU resources during the backup process. With the compatibility for Windows 10 and before, this software allows you to perform the backup process easily and smoothly. Moreover, it doesn’t disturb your other computing tasks. With this performance, you can back up your DVD in about 12 minutes, with 1:1 backup quality as the original.

Custom Copy For DVD Data

If you don’t want to back up the entire DVD content, this software also allows you to backup certain parts of the content. It is able to extract specific content from the DVD and copy the backup as MPEG-2 files that you can play on other devices, such as smartphones, game consoles, and directly on your TV with a USB drive. It also supports the backup of specific chapters on the DVD, and if you want to extract only the audio content of the DVD, you can also do that easily with this software.


The features provided by WinX DVD Copy Pro allow you to give the complete backup solution for your DVD media. There are many things that you can do with this software, and with the smooth backup process, you can use this software even on slower computers without taking too much CPU resources in the process. The copy protection system that is applied on your DVD is not a big problem anymore, since this software can bypass all of that and create a backup disc without any problem, even for DVD with the latest copy protection system. Buying DVD from other regions is also no longer a problem, since you can also back up your import DVD easily with this software, so that you can play it on any DVD player. With the 1:1 backup solution, you get exactly the same copy of the original, without any loss in quality.

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