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WiredTree is a web hosting company founded in 2006 and based in Chicago, United States. WiredTree emerged on the web hosting industry to provide the best managed hosting solutions for individuals as well businesses that want a reliable service with superior features, excellent customer service, flexible and competitive pricing, and the most modern server hardware.

SuperMicro Server & Grove Control Panel

WiredTree uses SuperMicro server that is built by WiredTree, which means that you will not find this type of server configuration in any other VPS hosting providers out there. With the server built by the company, it will ensure each customer gets the best optimization for their web applications. This will allow the company to give flexible pricing so that the customers can use only the features that they need.

The company also offers their own custom control panel for billing and proactive management of hosting account for various aspects. The proactive monitoring is offered at three level likewise at network level for network monitoring, server level for server monitoring and software level for server load, CPU, disk and memory usage monitoring.

Standard SSD Storage

The standard SSD storage offered by WiredTree allows the users to get the best performance from their private server. SSD storage will also give you a faster transfer rate than the standard HDD storage. This will allow any applications installed on your system to run fast and smoothly. There’s also an accelerated SSD option that you can choose to supercharge your server with the best performance that you can get.

Free Migration Service

If you are migrating from another VPS hosting provider, WiredTree VPS will give you an easy procedure for the migration process to start. And best of all, the migration service is offered at no cost for you, so you can always move your files from the previous server to the new server anytime you need it. You can also ask the staff to help you with the migration process.

Scale on Demand

If you are running out of disk space or bandwidth in any given month, you can always get additional space, bandwidth, or even additional features for your server in an on-demand basis. You only pay for what you need for your server in any given month. This will not require you to change your IP or experience any downtime.

CPanel and WHM Available, with Full Root Access

The server interface itself will be familiar to you, since it will use the popular cPanel with WHM feature available. There is no option to choose another control panel if you wish as cPanel is standard control panel they offer. Moreover, you will get full root access to the server, which means that you can do whatever you want on your server, as long as you are adhering to the terms and conditions. It is running on CentOS Linux 6 for easy operations. You can also install popular applications using Softaculous, change your cPanel skin with RVSkin, and manage your clients using WHMCS. The WHM reseller access feature is also available for each VPS hosting plan.

Unlimited Domains and Accounts

You can use unlimited domains and accounts with each of your WiredTree VPS plans. It means that you can host unlimited websites, as well as create unlimited accounts on it without any restriction whatsoever.  On top of that, your server will get 2 dedicated IPs that you can use for the network transmission. This will ensure a faster and more reliable service for your VPS server.

Proactive Security Updates

This feature will ensure that your system will always be secure from any possible threats. With proactive security updates, your server will always have the strongest security features that will protect it from malicious attacks from malware as well as hackers. This is particularly important if you store important files on your server or run a lot of financial transactions on it.


With 99.99% uptime and on-site technical staff ready to help you anytime, you will always get the maximum value out of your investment in this VPS hosting provider.

WiredTree has the most updated hardware, software, and security features, with competitive pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. With its rich features, you can do anything that you want with this VPS server, with impressive performance. With on-site support staff that are always available 24/7, you will get unparalleled support from the company whenever you need it, quickly.

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