Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

By: Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. From China

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An easy to work with and super user-friendly software, the Wondershare Video Converter shines bright on all aspects for being the 'it' product when it comes to affordable video converters. Priced at 60 US Dollars, Wondershare Video Converter, which is Mac compatible, works like a wonder.

The software not only converts videos from one format to the other seamlessly, it also provides exceptionally well-built tools for editing videos and creating effects in the videos apart from a lot of other things. At the current price band, an Apple Mac compatible video converter and editing software is a great deal to buy off the shelves in an instant. There is almost zero loss in quality of video and audio after conversion. It has a user-friendly interface that is devoid of any clutter and super fun to use.

The software is compatible with audio and video footage from mobile phones that might be Android supported, Windows supported, or Apple supported in addition to accepting a plethora of formats of audio and video from HDV, DSLR or any other cameras.

Converting files

The Wondershare Video Converter is designed to primarily convert videos from one format to other which it does smoothly and effortlessly. The software has many pre-loaded conversion profiles that convert the video. All you need to do and figure out is, what profile you have to choose according to the device the footage has been recorded on and what the current format of the video file is.

A range of formats available

The main use of the software is to convert videos and change their formats. The Wondershare Video Converter allows the user to convert both audio and video files to different formats and retains the quality of both audio and video without any loss. The software has at the user's disposal more than 159 video and audio formats including the latest versions as well and is available free of cost. The software keeps up with the technological advancements and adds any new formats that might've been released in the industry without much ado.

The software boasts of working with a range of HD, 3D, 4K, online video formats and a whole lot of other standard video formats.

Super speedy video conversion

What professional video Editors have always to be concerned about is the time the whole process takes. First, the rendering process takes too long and then, the conversion process.
Taking care of that, Wondershare Video Converter has made sure that none of the user's precious time gets wasted, thanks to an unmatchable conversion speed. Wondershare Video Converter converts videos almost 30 times faster than the regular software without any loss in video or audio quality. This implies, if a regular video converting software takes 60-65 minutes to convert a video, the Wondershare Video Converter will only take 5. All this has been possible with the APEXTRANS technology feature, an exclusive.

Added features

Wondershare Video Editor might look like it's meant to do one job, however, in reality, it's loaded with some fantastic features that only increase the appeal of the software.

The Smart Online Video Downloader feature lets you download videos with unmatchable quality form platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vevo, Facebook, hulu, blip and similar other platforms. The software allows you to download them on your computer or desktop and convert it to any format you like to be transferred to a music player, phone or any other device.

In addition, the user also has to their disposal the basic tools and features to let them edit the video and enhance the quality of the video.

You can easily customize the video as per your own standards, crop it, cut and paste parts of it, merge it, enhance the colour and play around with its intensity, brightness and contrast and do a lot of really cool stuff to make the video look as you wanted it to look like.

The specialized Integrated DVD Toolkit has a lot of features using which the user can work with DVD files without much hassle. You can convert them, create backups and even edit DVDs on your own.

The Media Server acts as a storehouse of all the local media on your desktop and can stream it to external devices in a jiffy.

Ease of use

It's interesting to note that the software runs on Mac and is super easy to use with a really clean interface. Everything is available in the same window and one need not scout for options, features and menus. The design is pretty simple and classic and there is almost no clutter that troubles the eye. The software also lets you easily export the file from Mac without scouting much.

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