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By: BaseApp Systems From India

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WPOven is part of BaseApp which is a New Delhi, India based firm offering various solutions. WPOpen is a relatively new WP hosting provider and while they don’t have a proven track record, that’s one of the few cons that can be said about this flexible WordPress host. Another negative that must be referenced is their lack of any Content Delivery Network of their own.

All the plans offered by WPOven comes with a dedicated IP(s), Varnish caching, firewall protection, DDoS protection, malware protection, daily backups, free support, a dedicated VPS (virtual private server) for each account, unlimited sites, real time analytics, and daily Amazon S3 cloud backups.

Key Features

The key features that WPOven offers is their full control WP Hosting at affordable prices. Small business and large businesses alike will have the ability to find a plan that works for their business regardless of requirements. They also offer dedicated IP(s), free cloud s3 backups, and unlimited WordPress sites on with all packages.

Different Packages

WPOven offers a variety of plans starting from $19.95 all the way up to $299.95.

Their starting plan “Micro” is $19.95 per month, supports 30k monthly visitors, and comes with 20GB storage, and 1TB transfer. Their "Personal" plan is $39.95 per month, supports 300k monthly visitors, and comes with 40GB storage, and 2TB transfer per month. Their “Professional” plan is $79.95 per month, supports 500k visitors per month, and comes with 80GB storage and 4TB transfer per month. Their “Business” plan is $145.95 per month, supports 1million visitors per month, and comes with 160GB storage and 8TB transfer per month. Their "Agency" plan is $299.95 per month, supports 3million visitors per month, and comes with 320GB storage and 16TB transfer per month.

All of their plans support unlimited WordPress sites, and they also allow upward scalability for massive companies; customers are asked to contact them for a direct quote if they require more than 3million visitors per month.

Support and Management

Although, WPOven offers cPanel hosting plans just like many VPS hosting plans, they call it WordPress hosting plans only because of some WordPress related features they have to offer. For example, every plan comes with anti-hacking support, meaning if a WordPress blog is hacked for some reason or code is malware infected then their support team can help with fixing these issues. They don’t seem to offer any guarantee just like WPEngine does though.

Other relevant features include premium WordPress plugins and themes they offer on all the plans. All the plans also come with malware scanning feature so any of the core code is compromised for any reason, website owners can immediately find it and possibly fix it.


WPOven offers built-in and automatic backups, easy restoration, and security against the most common threat vectors. In addition, they have DDoS protection and a guarantee against hackers and offer free restoration in the event that a WordPress installation is compromised.


WPOven has comparatively cheaper price plans and are ideal for individual bloggers, small companies or organizations that require large scalability. The majority of customers will not require a custom plan as their "Agency" plan requires over 3 million page views per month, so custom scalability is an option though likely is not required.


WPOven in a nutshell, offers a large amount of price points, customizable analytics, DDoS protection, daily backups, free restoration, and dedicated VPS for every account. All of their plans now come with CDN support so that you can easily integrate third party CDN. They offer five different hosting plans with the potential for upward scalability and a subset of features that advanced users and novices alike could appreciate.

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