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WriterAccess For Clients

WriterAccess is an online content service that offers to its clients only US-based, screened, tested, and endorsed writers. For those in hunt of reliable writers proficient in native English writing, Writer Access allows reaching to them through its online tools, which makes it stand apart from other content services.

Open a free account, choose one of the skilled writers handpicked after reviewing samples and platform badges earned for delivering quality content, set specialized rules for order-specific tasks through recorded voice instructions, and get your job done quickly. You can expect high quality content on any kind of topic, ranging right from blog posts, articles to manuscripts and to any kind of social media content.

Types of Services

WriterAccess has four services on offer namely, Friendly Freebie, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Plus, and Enterprise. Without any prior deposits, the Friendly Freebie service allows exploring the options as well as writers and paying when you order. Each of these services differs in terms of deposit amount and features as well as support on offer.

The Working Process

You start by creating a quick account, giving the deposit into the escrow account, finding writers with on-site search or Casting Calls (writers’ response in a few hours), ordering using one of the order forms, and mentioning your requirements. The service provider offers three order forms namely, Crowd, Standard and Premium.

The Standard orders have a fixed rate per word, which differs with the writers’ star rating. The Premium orders features a bonus payment (optional) for challenging tasks demanding profound research, while the Crowd orders have a 10% discount on the pricing of Standard, and that they are given to writers on first-come, first-serve.

The Standard and Crowd orders get writers having a rating between 2 and 5 stars. Recently, Writer Access has also introduced a Premium Certification for tech writers, journalists, and copywriters who can tackle demanding projects.

Once you determine the best order form, you get the full control of the price you wish to pay only if you get quality content. Otherwise, you do not pay at all. Prices are usually calculated as per the word count and writer’s level. In case you approve, the article’s copyright is fully yours. In case you reject, you can ask for revision unlimitedly.

There is no concept of direct order but you can add your favorite writers to Love lists that can even have groups. While placing an order, you can choose one of these lists and send the order to them directly.

WriterAccess For Writers

If you love writing and do not wish to spend time in looking for good paying clients, Wrier Access can prove to be a suitable and trustworthy online workplace. Writer Access differs from a few other content services, as it offers work in batches as per different clients. Get your clients found, enjoy transparent rates, and use easy but technical tools for optimizing content for free.

The Sign-Up Process

This is quite easy but goes in detail. You are asked of contact information, background and industry experience, cover letter, resume, public blog and LinkedIn profile details, type of writer, pay rate, industries served, and writing sample. Although this is a bit time consuming, it is worth doing it, as it appears good on your profile.

After submission of application, you are instantly given access to level 2 assignments until the processing of your applications is over. After processing is over, you get your writing rating (2-6).

The Writing, Reviewing, and Payment Processes

WriterAccess gathers assignments from their clients, on monthly basis. Each assignment or article differs, as it can be a blog post, product review, or Web content. Further, the gained writing rating or level, each with a different pay rate, assigns it.

A level up means more pay but most writers need to work for reaching up to level 6, where you might experience lack of regular assignments. To mitigate this issue, you are allowed to take up any assignment up to your own level, which means that Level 4 writer can select Level 2 assignments. It is vital to note that assignments are delegated quickly and are mostly to e completed in less than three days, which requires regular checking on the site.

WriterAccess reviews your submitted assignment before forwarding to the client who has prefixed hours to accept or reject. In case of no reaction, the article is approved automatically and you are paid through PayPal instantly (otherwise after you gather $10). Good feedbacks, extra money per assignment, and position on the client’s Love list, are some indicators to increase the level.


Undoubtedly, WriterAccess is a platform of quality and scalable content writing solutions for all businesses. The service provider’s tempting allowance of pay only for what you get and only after you approve seems to be its plus point.

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