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By: Xara Group Limited From UK
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Xara Web Designer 365 is an easy web design software developed by Xara Group Limited, a company founded in mid 1990s and based in England and Wales, which then acquired by MAGIX in 2007. MAGIX is a software development company that has worked on various types of software, which usually involves the creation and management of photos and graphics. Xara Group Limited is focused on the development of web designer software that offers ease of use and intuitive user interface.

WYSIWYG Web Editor

With Xara Web Designer 365, you can edit your website as you see it in the browser. The WYSIWYG ensures that what you see in the web designer software is exactly the same website as you see in the browser once it is published. The website created with this software is compatible with all major browsers on the desktop or PC, as well as all major mobile browsers on the mobile device. So, you don’t need to worry that your website is going to look bad on certain browsers, since what you see in the web editor is what you also see in the web browsers.

Modern And Mobile-Friendly Website Creation

As website technology is constantly improving, new features need to be added on a regular basis. This software offers a web design tool that is constantly updated to give you the latest features in the web development field. The focus of this software is to help you create modern and mobile-friendly websites, with professional quality. Creating a mobile-responsive website is no longer a hassle, since this tool allows you to turn your website into a responsive website automatically. In this way, you can always reach your mobile audience without any problem.

Complete Freedom To Customize Your Website

When using Xara Web Designer 365, you can choose from the templates provided by the software as your basic template. Then, you can customize it freely without any restriction. The software gives you a complete freedom to edit and customize your website freely by adding widgets, search engine optimization, multimedia files, web elements, animation effects, and so on. There are so many features that you can try with this software, and each of these features reflects the latest improvement in the web development field. So, with this software, you always get the latest features that make your website up to date with the current technology.

Lots Of Templates To Choose From

If you are a new web designer who doesn’t know how to design a website from scratch, you don’t need to worry when using this tool. This software allows you to choose different templates for your website as your basic template. Then, you can customize the website template to suit your needs, and of course, without any restrictions. All templates are included in the software package, and you can freely use them without paying extra. Also, each template is mobile-friendly, which means that it has a responsive design that makes browsing your website on a mobile device a breeze.

Customize Web Elements Easily

Xara Web Designer 365 allows you to pick and choose any web element in your web design, and customize it the way you want it to look. You can customize your texts to make it look better on your website, or to make an animation for it. If you insert images or other multimedia files, you can also customize the appearance of the graphics to match with your website design. This software gives you a complete freedom to edit any part of your website without reducing its quality. There are various colors, animations, and effects that you can try.


Compared with the previous version, Xara Web Designer 365 offers way more features for such a simple and easy-to-use website design tool. In fact, it is not just a tool. It is a complete web design solution that can be used by both beginner or advanced web designers. The features that you can use with this tool is constantly updated, without making the software itself more complicated to use. So, with this software, you always retain the fun factor of creating your own website, while ensuring that you always get the professional, modern, and mobile-friendly website that keeps on improving as the web development technology goes.

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