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XnView MP is a more advanced version of XnView Classic, which is also a media conversion application from the same developer. The software has all the features of XnView Classic and some more. It is a complete media editing and conversion tool that is compatible with over 500 basic and advanced file formats.

When compared with other similar image processing tools, XnView MP performs fairly enough.

XnView Software is a reputed software company that established itself in the media processing industry when it first launched its media conversion application, XnView Classic, which is now being used by all major businesses and graphic professionals. XnView MP is a modified and more advanced version of XnView Classic. The basic difference between the two is that the new version is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, rather than the old version that was only available for the Windows.

Processing Videos

XnView MP is able to process as many as 500 file formats and export to more than 70 formats. It also supports batch conversion, same as its predecessor. Basically, the new XnView MP has all the features of the classic software retained plus some new ones added for improved performance. It is faster, more reliable, and able to process more files in less time. XnView MP also supports multi-core processing.

The Unicode support has also been integrated with this version for enhanced translations to all popular languages.


XnView MP is available in both free and paid versions. Companies need to buy a paid license in order to use this application. The installation of software is very easy. You can choose your desired language and follow the step by step process within the installation wizard. It doesn’t feature any spyware or ads, so there are not likely any safety problems. It can easily run on any supported platform.

Interface and Use

XnView MP comes with a completely new and more convenient modular interface that makes it very easy to use. When you start the application for the first time, you’ll be asked to select some basic configurations and settings. Once you are done choosing the configuration, you can start using it. The interface window is very neatly organized and easy to understand. You can upload a media file using the browse option available at the top. Once you upload and select a file, the file details will be shown in the left panel while the right panel will display the live preview as you make changes.

Formats and Settings

The customization settings allow you to add, remove or edit any option or object on the interface window.

Since XnViewMP supports a large number of file types as well as batch processing, you can choose to upload multiple files at a time and then bulk edit them. In addition to the common file types, such as png, jpg, gif, bmp, mp4, and more, it can also process the most complex graphics like mif (Image Magick file), lsm (Zeiss LSM), tim/tim2 and many more.


If you are looking for a comprehensive media editing and conversion tool that can process almost every file type, look no further. XnView Software has finally launched a product that can be regarded as a complete media processing tool. Besides a few general downsides, XnView MP is an almost perfect tool for single and bulk processing of images and other media items. It is recommended for all personal and professional graphic editing and conversion.

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