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Zerys is a content marketplace that brings together professional freelancers or writers and those who need high quality, special content for their sites. The site allows sourcing for freelance writers and determining the ones who are the best for buying content from them at negotiated rates.

It stands out from other content writing services because of its advanced features, multiuser and master account setup for managing different content types, and innovative chance of getting the work done though an full-service agency. Well, it is the one-of-its-kind to give scope to agencies, which means you have three ways to get the desired content: Hire an expert or an agency.

The marketplace simplifies the process of ordering and buying different types of content namely, e-books, articles, blog posts, white papers, press releases, Facebook posts, and more from several writers who are tested and rated for quality.

Types of Orders

Well, there are no plans or orders as such. The service provider features the SmartPost system for you to get completely in charge of what you wish to pay for the ordered content job. However, the article pay depends upon the authors writing level. While the writing projects start at a very low price range, such affordable rates are less likely to attract the best talent for your job.

Selecting Writers

Writers are usually scored on a 5-star rating system, obviously, 5 stars being the most special writer with highest rates.

Therefore, it is better to choose a writer with better knowledge and research. While initiating a writing order, you actually choose the knowledge and research level along with the star rating required for completing the task, which can be Minimal, Moderate, and Extensive. However, because it is a dynamic marketplace, chances are always high for a 5-star writer to take up a lower-priced project in case he or she is not getting work.

The SmartPost System

In simple words, this system eliminates the need to guess the price for the writers. You only need to submit the minimum and maximum bid offer after which the system will post your project or job only to the writers with highest rating, at your minimum bid offer. In case none of the best writers takes the offer, the bid slowly goes high up to your maximum price.

The Ordering Procedure

This is simple! You tell the writers what you want, get the content in some hours, review to accept, revise, or reject, and get it auto published to CMS such as WordPress or Hubspot. You only pay when you are fully satisfied.

Other Noteworthy Features

Zerys also offer some great planning tools, editorial calendar, email system, assignments and editing workflow tools, and collaboration tools for publishing content. The good news is that they all are free!


Zerys is much more than a writing service; it is a content strategy planner and professional writer marketplace all at once place!

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