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Undoubtedly, WordPress (WP) is the well known platform in the blogging world, as it is the preferred option by several marketers, bloggers, and web administrators. Developers utilize this platform to build all types of sites, such as personal, travel, or even a business portal. While this is inspiring, the WordPress popularity has given rise to issues when it comes to managing multiple blogs. Below are some services which can help you to automate these tasks.

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Wordpress Management Services Buying Guide

It is truly tedious to develop and maintain several WordPress accounts and sites on daily basis. The time and effort spend in switching and designing from one site to another in WordPress is high for those with several WordPress blogs or accounts. However, this is exactly where you can seek help of an effective WP management tool that can make managing multiple sites simply easy and smooth.

Several such services are available online but only one of them is suitable for your business needs. In order to ease out the task of finding the most suitable one, here are some criteria or features to check out, apart from support for managing multiple sites through a single dashboard!

Management Options

The number and kind of management options on offer plays a vital role in deciding the most suitable WP service. Of all, one-click login, updates, and backup are the most desired ones due to which many services have already included them.

Apart from that, a few tools provides bulk services, which allow you to post pages, edit posts, edit WP settings, create user accounts, install plugins and themes in bulk. This ensures consistency across all your sites and blogs.

Backup and Options

Some platforms allows scheduling automatic backups, saving backups to Cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox. Now when you’re running multiple blogs and adding content regularly, you may not want to loose your critical data for whatever reason. When you select a right platform, you should definitely choose one, which allows variety of backup options. We also recommend our readers to have very cost effective options like Amazon S3, which costs a little, and offer you a military grade backup system for your websites’ data.

Maintenance Mode

Look for this feature if you do not wish your visitors to see half-published things on your site. The maintenance mode allows putting your sites and blogs on maintenance and makes them go live only after you have completed all your tasks.


This one is an essential criterion to check out! It is known to all how WP sites are vulnerable to hackers in the absence of proper steps for protection. However, with a WP service that offers diverse security features, you simply do not have to worry about the security aspect.  

Most WP services come with secure SSL encryption, uptime monitoring, and malware scanner integration. However, it is wise to look for a service that also offers 2-factor authentication while logging. It secures login with a code that is known only to you.

Often old plugins with latest build of wordpress software may become vulnerable. Usually a user should update plugins and wordpress at the same time to avoid such issues. Central wordpress control make it easy to centrally updates wordpress plugins rather than you have to login each site’s control panel to get these updates.

SEO and Integration

Having these features in your WP service can simply ease out your web marketing tasks further. Many WP services have the ability to integrate with Web analytics tools such as Piwik and Google Analytics, either with a paid add-on or free. Similarly, they even support automatic content integration or API for obtaining content from other services such as YouTube and Flickr for blog monetization.

Other Features Worth Having

Some services also allow managing comments, reply comments, manage user accounts, configuring automatic updates, cloning and a lot more. What you need to look here is that whether these functionalities are available as free add-ons, paid add-ons, or are built-in.

If you wish to have full control over your sites or blogs, then a self-hosted service is ideal, as it allows the dashboard to be installed on your own server. Further, choose a service that allows white labeling the description of client plugins.

For improved efficiency, a service with database optimization and activity reports is worth having. While the former saves space on the server, the latter saves your time in tracking all actions on your blogs or sites. Lastly, do look for multiple customer support options such as live chat, e-mail, and tutorials.