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1040.com is a free e-filing service that allows you to file taxes online and estimate your tax refunds. It helps you to get your tax refunds fast, file your tax forms in a simple way, and pay any fees from your refund. The platform asks some questions in interview to select forms you require filling tax. There are three pricing options available: Federal Edition, Basic Edition, and Deluxe Edition.

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Top 1040.com Alternatives
  • H&R Block
  • E-file.com
  • TurboTax
  • TaxSimple
  • TaxSlayer
  • Online Taxes
  • ezTaxReturn
  • TaxHawk
  • Drake Software
  • Jackson Hewitt Online
  • TaxPoint
  • TaxBrain
  • eSmartTax
  • Taxhub
  • OnepriceTaxes
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Top 1040.com Alternatives and Overview


H&R Block

H&R Block allows you to perform tax preparation and file your tax return.

By: HRB Digital LLC. From USA


E-file is an IRS e-file provider that allows you to e-file your taxes for free.

By: E-file.com, LLC From USA


TurboTax is a tax preparation software with free e-file taxes, income tax returns, and tax filing service.

By: Intuit Inc. From USA


TaxSimple is an online personal tax software with maximum tax refund.

By: Thomson Reuters/Tax & Accounting From USA


TaxSlayer is an accurate online tax filing service with a maximum refund guarantee.

By: TaxSlayer LLC From USA

Online Taxes

Online Taxes (OLT) provides an online tax filing service that allows you to file your federal and state taxes.

By: On-LineTaxes, Inc. From USA


It features free phone support, identity theft protection, federal return, state return, amended return insurance...

By: ezTaxReturn.com, LLC From USA


It features state tax return, free IRS e-files, IRS form preparation, printable tax return, accuracy...

By: TaxHawk, Inc. From USA

Drake Software

It features e-filing, printing, interactive diagnostics, return diagnostics, W-2 import, end-of-year balance import, multi-state returns...

By: Drake Software From USA

Jackson Hewitt Online

It features free federal and e-file, free W-2 download, free last year tax return import...

By: Jackson Hewitt Inc. From USA


It features support for W-2 income, online access to all tax returns, easy tax preparation...

By: Tax Point LLC From USA


It provides three tax tools, including tax estimator, W-4 calculator, and tax extensions...

By: JTH Tax, Inc. From USA


It features ACA forms, prior year return access, W-2 download, credit maximizer, child and dependent...

By: JTH Tax, Inc. From USA


We try to connect the convenience and low price of in-home online tax filing with...

By: GB Taxportunity, LLC From USA


It features easy interview questions, simple and complex returns, free e-file online taxes, quick tax...

By: AFJC Corporation From USA

1040.com Review and Overview

When it comes to online tax-filing, customers look for the best platform which could do the work for them as well it ought not to be ignorant in security-related issues. 1040.com uses software that provides an eloquent method to file your taxes with utter transparency in the whole process. You can now easily pay your taxes at both state and federal levels without taking any burden of going out. At 1040.com every comfort is awaiting for you, all you need to do is not go out to file taxes and stay relaxed at home!

Easy E-filing

When a customer files on this website, his/her information goes to the secure servers of the platform, making it easier to access your previous records anywhere, anytime. When filed again for the next year, this software automatically fills the customer’s previous year records, saving time and relieving the customer of ransacking again into their previous records.

Security Issues Resolved!

One of the main reasons why people back off of online tax filing is their fear related to security issues. At 1040.com, the user’s privacy is assured by the two-step verification process.

This secludes fraudsters from acquiring your data and misusing it. Also, this website meets the standard levels of encryption set by third parties, thus securing your data at every step.

User-Friendly touch-up

This website uses futuristic technology to make itself filer friendly. It cracks the complicated agreements and requirements of complex taxes in simple words in front of the filer, thus making them easier to understand. This technology helps in quickly navigating between taxes, even in your smartphone devices too!

Company Information

Company Name: Drake Software

Company Address: 235 East Palmer Street, Franklin, NC, USA

Founded in: 1977

Top Features

Core Features
  • IRS E-file
  • E-filling & Printing
  • Online Backup & Archive
  • Updating Prior-year Data
  • Credits & Deduction Finder
  • Checking Accuracy
  • Return Status Notifications
  • Certified Privacy Protection
  • Auto-completing State Return
  • Multi-State Supported
  • Paying with Refund
  • Fillup Status
  • Taxable Income
  • Standard Deduction
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Healthcare Interview
  • Children & Other Dependents
  • Investments & Retirement Incomes
  • Tax Credit
  • Tax Breaks
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Self-Employment Income
  • Pass-Through Entity Income
  • Tax Scenarios