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Drake Software provides a professional tax software with various tools to save time, increase productivity, and prepare your taxes. It features e-filing, printing, interactive diagnostics, return diagnostics, W-2 import, end-of-year balance import, multi-state returns, organized results, automatic data flow, and more. There are two versions of the software available: Tax Software and Tax Software PPR.

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Top Drake Software Alternatives and Overview


H&R Block

H&R Block allows you to perform tax preparation and file your tax return.

By: HRB Digital LLC. From USA


E-file is an IRS e-file provider that allows you to e-file your taxes for free.

By: E-file.com, LLC From USA


TurboTax is a tax preparation software with free e-file taxes, income tax returns, and tax filing service.

By: Intuit Inc. From USA


FreeTaxUSA provides a free federal tax filing service with a guaranteed 100% accuracy.

By: TaxHawk, Inc. From USA


TaxSimple is an online personal tax software with maximum tax refund.

By: Thomson Reuters/Tax & Accounting From USA


TaxSlayer is an accurate online tax filing service with a maximum refund guarantee.

By: TaxSlayer LLC From USA

Online Taxes

It features free tax preparation and e-filing, support all forms and schedules, simple or complex...

By: On-LineTaxes, Inc. From USA


It features free phone support, identity theft protection, federal return, state return, amended return insurance...

By: ezTaxReturn.com, LLC From USA


It features state tax return, free IRS e-files, IRS form preparation, printable tax return, accuracy...

By: TaxHawk, Inc. From USA


It helps you to get your tax refunds fast, file your tax forms in a...

By: Drake Software From USA

Jackson Hewitt Online

It features free federal and e-file, free W-2 download, free last year tax return import...

By: Jackson Hewitt Inc. From USA


It features support for W-2 income, online access to all tax returns, easy tax preparation...

By: Tax Point LLC From USA


It provides three tax tools, including tax estimator, W-4 calculator, and tax extensions...

By: JTH Tax, Inc. From USA


It features ACA forms, prior year return access, W-2 download, credit maximizer, child and dependent...

By: JTH Tax, Inc. From USA


We try to connect the convenience and low price of in-home online tax filing with...

By: GB Taxportunity, LLC From USA

Drake Software Review and Overview

Drake Software is a Top Notch professional tax preparation software. The software enables businesses and professionals to file income, state and federal returns. Drake Software proves to be the best in the industry for tax business professionals to increase their business and captivate new clients. The company Drake Software was founded in the year 1977 and is a subsidiary of GruntWorx, LLC. 

The company was founded by a business professional named Phil Drake. Phil Drake is a founder as well as CEO, Chief Architect and President of Drake Software. Drake Software is the tax professionals of the community and the best till date. The company’s business competitors are TaxSlayer Pro, TaxAct and TurboTax. 

Drake is your tax companion

Drake is an accompanied partner of over 59,000 business tax professionals across the nation. More than 33 million state and federal accepted Tax returns are filed by Drake Software each year. Drake is the only online platform that provides you with webinars to understand the software and file your tax returns. The company also hosts seminars at different locations increase understanding amongst people about the software. There are many tools provided by Drake Software.

Drake accounting is one of the important features. Drake accounting is a rebuilt of accounting and payroll by Drake Software. Drake accounting is accompanied by the latest software technology. Drake accounting empowers you to manage users basic financial accounts having double-entry accounting. The company under Drake accounting imparts you with multiple detailed reports such as loss report, investment report, profit report etc.

Drake accounting's receivables module tracks and records customer’s invoices, payment reports, balances and shipments.  Server client file exchange portal is highly secure. High-level safety is imparted to the transaction portal so that customers software transactions are secured. The company provides anti-theft and does not allow any third party application to get your important documents.

What’s different?

The first one is GruntWorx – GruntWorx, a source file manager which enables the organization of source files and provides high time system data entry. GruntWorx uses OSD data extraction technology to discard manual data entry and document organization. It uses US-based human review process to ensure a high level of accuracy. The second one is E pay - Company has ensured a secure online payment portal to control your monetary transactions. The company accepts debit and credit cards as a mode of payment for the service provider.

Company Information

Company Name: Drake Software

Company Address: 235 East Palmer Street, Franklin, NC, USA

Founded in: 1977

Top Features

Tax Preparation
  • Fast Tax Preparation
  • Shortcut Keys & Macros
  • Automated Data Flow
  • Updating Prior-year Data
  • Multi-state Returns
  • Easy Backups & Updates
  • Optional Hardware
  • Scheduled Importing
  • Electronic Forms
  • Importing Trial Balance
  • Importing End-of-year Balance
Plan & Analyze
  • Tax Planner
  • Comparing Year-to-year Tax
  • Archiving Returns
  • Quick Estimator
  • Scheduled Amortization
  • Calculation Results
  • Calculation Error Messages
  • Calculation Notes Messages
  • Viewing Organized Return
  • Printing Sets
  • Printing to PDF
  • Note Screens
  • E-signature in E-file
  • Pin & Consent Screens
  • E-files States
  • Attaching PDFs