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Translating a document is no easy task, but not so much with Berba. Berba is an innovative online AI-based translation service. However, it is unique in the way it fits the power of the AI in the translation pipeline. Using a team of experienced localizers from all over the world, Berba allows companies and individuals to translate their documents in the exact way it is phrased.

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Top Berba Alternatives and Overview



Translated offers good quality human translation by exploiting technology, whilst reducing its cost and turnaround time.

By: Translated s.r.l. From Italy

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is a certified translation service provider that has several thousands of customers and more than 10000 experienced translation experts from across the world.

By: One Hour Translation Ltd From USA

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GTS Translation offers professional translation services and have been in business for over 15 years.

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ALTA offers comprehensive translation services in over one hundred languages...

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With reliable delivery and flexible thinking as its basic principles, Moravia, an experienced translation service company offers multilingual translation services for leading life sciences & IT clients.

By: Moravia IT s.r.o. From Czech Republic


Transperfect offers professional translation services with exceptional client service and unmatched quality in the industry.

By: TransPerfect Translations International Inc. From USA


It is trusted by thousands of customers for delivering quality services...

By: TextMaster S.A. From Belgium

Day Translations

It helps businesses by offering translation services for major languages of the world, with the...

By: Day Translations, Inc From USA


Businesses and individuals from across the planet will be able for ordering translations from over...

By: Gengo, Inc. From Japan

RWS Group

it helps businesses from various industries like defense, telecom, medical, legal, insurance, aerospace, chemical, automotive...

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Its team of technical and commercial translation experts helps businesses by facing any kind of...

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It helps businesses in achieving success through the most sophisticated and largest network of experienced...

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It is a reputed provider of translation and language services...

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Founded in 1988 the company offers a quality service for various businesses across various needs...

By: Andiamo! Language Services Ltd From UK


It acts a partner and a valuable member of its client’s teams for helping them...

By: Sajan, Inc. From USA

Berba Review and Overview

Correct localizations can work wonders in improving the popularity of the localized piece, be it a software, game, website or web platform, or even a documentary. Unfortunately, it is highly difficult to find a translation service that can work on different types of documents and provide the same tone and phrasing as the original piece. Berba subverts this difficulty with its service, using a smart combination of AI and human intuition for faster and accurate results.

Berba is a truly global company as it has a team of highly-experienced translators with specializations in different types of works. These include video and game scripts requiring knowledge of dramatic effect, websites, applications, business documents needing specialized knowledge on commerce,  and even medical journals requiring biological expertise. These people are coordinated in teams, which permits several parallel translation pipelines.

Coordination equals winning

The custom-made Berba AI is used by the teams of translators to keep track of the progress of individual translators, other translators, and the localization project as a whole. The AI also divides the work amongst the translators it deems suitable, based on the document's nature. This further improves the speed of localizing, alongside enriching the content with the right vocabulary. The AI system works with the customer as well to show them the overall progress of their translation job.   

How does Berba work?

Berba is very easy to work with. All that the user has to do in order to get started is to sign up for an account in the platform, which gives them access to the AI's progress interface. From here, the user must also upload the script that is to be localized in their desired language. Additional parameters, like the type of text piece, and the language it must be translated to, can also be selected.  

Company Information

Company Name: Berba Translations S.L

Company Address: 2F Uribitarte Kalea 6, 48001 Bilbao

Founded in: 2019

Top Features

  • Quicker delivery
  • Verified quality
  • Personal project manager
  • Live tracker
  • Optional proofreading
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Many languages
  • Field-specific knowledge