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By: PROMT, Ltd.

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PROMT Home is a translation software created and developed by PROMT, Ltd., a software company founded in 2003 and based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company has the mission to create an effective translation tool that can help the users to translate various texts in various languages accurately, with high quality translation results. With its translation software, the company hopes to make the world more understandable for many users worldwide.

Full Offline Functionality

Most translation tools out there only function with internet connection, since everything is web-based. However, PROMT Home offers a translation tool that can be used offline as well. Of course, when you are connected to the internet, you can do more things with this software, such as updating the translation database and connecting to the web server, but the offline version of this software can give you the full functionality of the software without limiting any features. In other words, once you’ve installed the software to your computer, it installs all the translation components, which allow you to use the software fully even in offline mode. You can translate from various languages to other languages with the installed translation components.

Integration With Various Applications

The good thing about this translation software is the ability for it to translate any text directly from the application where the text is originated. So, for example, if you are using a word processing software and want to translate your document, the software can perform the translation process in the word processing software directly. You don’t need to copy and paste the text to the software interface when you want to translate it. You just need to highlight the text that you want to translate, press the hotkey for the application, and get the translated text directly in the application interface. This software supports various application integrations, which means that you can translate texts from various applications directly.

Modern Dictionary For More Accurate Translations

Many online translation tools that are available today use old dictionaries and low quality translation algorithms, which make the translation quality bad. If you are a native speaker of a certain language, you might find it funny when you try to translate the other languages to your native language. However, with PROMT Home, the problem is handled properly since it uses the modern dictionary for more accurate translations. With the regularly-updated modern dictionary, translating between various languages becomes more and more accurate and human-like, and you can enjoy the best translation results every time you use this software.

Various Profiles For Various Subjects

Sometimes, for a translation to be accurate, it needs to be matched to the subject of the texts. So, when you are translating an article that talks about movies, for example, you can’t use the subject of music for your translation. This software offers various translation profiles to handle various translation subjects. In this way, you can get a more accurate translation by matching your text with a certain subject for translation. You can get all the associated words in the associated subject and translate those words more accurately for your document.

PROMT Office And Professional Versions

There are other versions of the software offered by PROMT, which are the Office and Professional versions. Both offer more advanced features that are not included in the Home version of the software. For instance, the Office version allows you to translate email messages in Outlook 2010, translate directly on OpenOffice Writer, and edit the professional user dictionary. The Professional version offers more features, such as automatic dictionary updating, XML document translation, automatic recognition of the source language, automatic subject selection, and more. With these two versions, you can have a more complete experience with this translation software, as it offers more features that you need to complete your translation projects.


While translating documents for fun can easily be done with many free online translation tools out there, it is not so when you need an accurate translation for more serious projects. PROMT Home allows you to translate your documents in a more accurate way with its advanced translation algorithm and modern dictionary. With this tool, you can translate texts from various languages and get the best translation results for your documents. You can also use the software directly on various applications that you use, without having to copy and paste the text to the software interface. Thus, this software is recommended for you if you are looking for a more reliable translation software that can translate your texts more accurately, with full offline functionality.

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