Translation Services

Finding the right localization and translation service providers is the ideal way for expanding businesses globally. There are also individuals who require translation services and they can benefit by hiring the right translation agency. If people deal with international businesses, then they would need the help of professional translation companies when it comes to success and expansion.

Here is a list of a few translation agencies that business owners might want to give a shot at:



Translated offers good quality human translation by exploiting technology, whilst reducing its cost and turnaround time.

By: Translated s.r.l. From Italy

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is a certified translation service provider that has several thousands of customers and more than 10000 experienced translation experts from across the world.

By: One Hour Translation Ltd From USA

GTS Translation

GTS Translation offers professional translation services and have been in business for over 15 years.

By: GTS Translation From USA


ALTA offers comprehensive translation services in over one hundred languages. It provides...

By: ALTA Language Services, Inc. From USA
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With reliable delivery and flexible thinking as its basic principles, Moravia, an experienced translation service company offers multilingual translation services for leading life sciences & IT clients.

By: Moravia IT s.r.o. From Czech Republic


Transperfect offers professional translation services with exceptional client service and unmatched quality in the industry.

By: TransPerfect Translations International Inc. From USA


TextMaster, a leading document translation services provider helps businesses in terms of content writing, professional translation and proofreading services done by native speakers from different parts of the world.

By: TextMaster S.A. From Belgium

Day Translations

Day Translations is a leading translation services agency which provides accurate translation services to companies across the world.

By: Day Translations, Inc From USA


Translating a document is no easy task, but not so much with Berba.

By: Berba Translations S.L From Spain
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Gengo is a global translation company that offers people-powered translation services.

By: Gengo, Inc. From Japan

RWS Group

RWS Group, an established commercial translation and patent translations services provider offers high-quality services to businesses.

By: RWS Group Limited From UK


Bubbles is a leading translation agency that helps leading brands in growing their international sales.

By: Bubbles Translation Services Limited From UK


Lionbridge is a leading professional language translation services agency which offers industry-leading localization and translation services as well as high scalable marketing solutions.

By: Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. From USA


Capita offers interpreting and translation services for businesses for protecting and enhancing their brands.

By: Capita plc From UK
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Andiamo is a language service provide which offers wide range of solution with their professional and expert providers.

By: Andiamo! Language Services Ltd From UK


Sajan is one of the leading translation companies that offer translation & localization services to business around the globe.

By: Sajan, Inc. From USA

Global Voices

Global Voices is a global certified translation services company that provides excellent service and great levels of quality to its clients.

By: Global Voices Ltd From UK

Interpreters and Translators

Language services to support your organization. iTi works with clients across many...

By: Interpreters and Translators, Inc. From United States


VerbalizeIt influences technology for enabling consumers and businesses for accessing a global community of experienced language translators.

By: VerbalizeIt Inc. From USA

Straker Translations

Straker Translations revolutionizes the industry by providing cost effective, faster and easier translations with its sophisticated translation platform and unique translation model.

By: Straker Europe Limited From Ireland

Pro Translating

Pro Translating, a reputed translation agency helps business by handling translation projects of any scope, language or size.

By: ProTranslating, Inc. From USA

Certified Languages International

Certified Languages International or CLI is a language company which provides its customers with document translation and on-the-phone interpreter services.

By: Certified Languages International, LLC From USA
23, a leading translation and language services provider, with a community of more than five thousand language experts offers best-in-class translation services.

By: TransPerfect Translations International Inc. From USA


Tolingo a web translation network which offers exceptional document translation services round the clock by uniting innovative technology, expertise and creativity.

By: tolingo GmbH From Germany


Translatorsbase, a reputed translation services company empowers translation agencies and translators with the tools for succeeding in managing and marketing translation services.

By: Verbumsoft LLC From USA


Unbabel, a reputed translation company enables trustworthy, flawless written communication in various languages.

By: Unbabel, Inc From USA
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TranslateMedia is a professional international marketing and language translation agency. With a...

By: Translatemedia Limited From UK

K International

K International provides excellent language translation services to business worldwide. It has...

By: K International Ltd From UK


LanguageLine Solutions, a leading translation service company offering ground-breaking language access solutions, offers the best quality on-the-phone, onsite interpreting, localization and translation services along with bilingual and interpreter staff assessment and training services to companies around the world.

By: LanguageLine Solutions, Inc. From USA


PoliLingua offers managed language, translation and localization solutions for clients of different sizes like private, corporate and government sectors.

By: Polilingua Ltd. From UK


Lingo24, a leading document translation services provider, makes official transactions easy and simple.

By: Lingo24 Ltd. From UK

Today Translations

Today Translations is a leading certified translation services agency offering high-quality document translation services with the team that comprises of more than 2,500 vetted and highly-experienced advisors and linguists which serves customers across the globe.

By: Today Translations Ltd From UK


Alconost offers best-quality product localization solutions as well as document translation services into 70+ languages.

From USA


Kwintessential is a leading localization and translation service agency that helps businesses to be successful in multilingual, culturally diverse and international marketplace.

By: Kwintessential Ltd From UK

Trusted Translations

Trusted Translations is a globally recognized translation service company which provides excellent English to Spanish Translation services with a team comprising of more than ten thousand translators.

By: Trusted Translations, Inc. From USA

Rosetta Translation

Rosetta Translation offers a complete array of translation services for business worldwide.

By: Rosetta Translation Limited From UK

Language Scientific

Language Scientific is a reputed document translation & localization agency that specializes in offering technical, engineering and medical translation services in numerous languages from America, Europe and Asia.

By: Language Scientific, Inc. From USA

Argos Multilingual

Argos Multilingual, a professional document translation services company which has over eighteen years of experience, offering services to clients from different types of industries.

By: Argos Translations Sp. z o.o From Poland


ICanLocalize is one of the leading localization and translation services providers which have the capability for translating WordPress websites accurately and easily, it offers people convenient, accurate and affordable translation services for their websites.

By: OnTheGoSystems Inc. From Hong Kong

Comtec Translations

Comtec is a 30 years old translation service company offering many translation services including marketing translation, legal translation, software locatization, interpreting, voiceover and sub titling related services.

By: Comtec Translations From UK


Lingotek, a professional translation services network based in Utah, helps businesses in creation as well as management of content inside their applications.

By: Lingotek, Inc. From USA
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Accredited Language Services

Accredited Language Services or ALS provides companies with range of language projects such as legal documents translation and complex multilingual translation services.

By: Accredited Language Services From USA

Babylon Professional Translation

Babylon Professional Translation makes it very easy got getting perfect human translation.

By: Babylon Software Ltd. From Israel

STAR Technology Solutions

STAR Technology Solutions is one among the leading certified translation services provider in the world.

By: Key Performances Solutions Ltd From Ireland


Fliplingo, a certified document translation service provide helps people to be social in various languages with the help of human translators.

By: Fliplingo From Germany

Translation Services24

Translation Services24 is an interpreting and translation service company creating efficient solutions for companies worldwide.

By: Translation Services 24 From UK


GlobalizeIt is a cloud-based globalization platform for websites. With GlobalizeIt, your website...

By: GlobalizeIt From USA


We believe that translation is needed for people to communicate, not machines.



Allows you to translate any text or website with high quality translation results using the modern dictionary.

By: PROMT, Ltd.

The world is a very diverse place. Different regions have different cultural beliefs and different languages for communication. While diversity is something to be cherished and celebrated, it also proves to be a major barrier to communication between people from various regions. Historically, traders who traveled to various regions for trade had to learn different languages in order to be able to trade or use human translators for that purpose. While the process proved useful for meeting short term targets, it wasn’t very reliable and scalable. Moreover, the modern-day businesses require processes that are highly evolved and require minimal human intervention.

Translation services in the modern world

 Demands for such processes have led to the introduction of translation services in different countries around the world. Translation services have played a major role in enhancing the effects of globalization and have numerous organizations to set up businesses in several countries. With translation services easily available, the communication barrier created by the use of different languages is greatly reduced. Businesses can hire translation services to get the information translated to a language of their choice and understand the user aspirations in the new country. Translation, in plain words, is the interpretation of words from one language to the other.

The importance of context

However, translation is seldom that simple. If you ask a linguist, you’ll come to know that there is more to translation than what meets the eye. The context often gets lost in translation and ends up creating miscommunication. That is why all the leading translation services around the world hire experienced linguists as this is something that can only get better with experience. Most of the translation services available right now employ linguists to get texts translated. However, there is also a small fraction of service providers who have started making use of AI-enabled translation systems that complement the linguists. These AI-enabled translation systems have been able to reduce the workload on the linguists and are making way for translation services that have better scalability.

Localization and other services

Apart from offering the standard translation services, some translation service providers also offer additional services such as localization services and transcription services. The localization services enable businesses to tune their products according to the target market, making it extremely familiar and relatable for the users of that region. Such familiarity enables foreign businesses to gain a strong and rapid foothold in the local market and rob the local competitors of their distinctive advantage. Apart from these, various service providers offer different types of transcription services that include video transcription services and audio transcription services.

Flexible pricing options

The success of the translation service providers lies in covering as many languages as possible. Therefore, most of these service providers offer translation services in as many different languages as possible. And the best part about these service providers is that they offer extremely flexible pricing options. They offer hourly pricing options as well as monthly and annual plans, making it very affordable for the users. Additionally, some of them also come with subscription options for users with bulk volumes, thereby making the deal sweeter for their customers.


Why should I use these paid services when I have the free ones available?

The user can definitely go for the free options, but they also come with a rider attached. The quality of translations offered by these free tools isn’t on par with that offered by the paid tools.

What if I’m not satisfied with the translation services?

Most of the service providers offer good customer support and offer multiple channels for users to connect with them. While some of them offer one-on-one linguist support, many others come with a 100% refund policy in case of unsatisfactory work output.

What are the quality checks that these translation service providers offer?

Well, different service providers offer different types of quality checks, and these include AI-enabled mechanisms and in-person quality checks by two or three other linguists.