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Chatmeter provides a host of utilities that help you manage your online reputation. It enables you to organize, respond, categorize reviews and provides expert guidance on how to accelerate your business presence. It also provides a local brand visibility score to your business which will help you gauge your visibility against other companies in your locality.

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Top Chatmeter Alternatives
  • Podium
  • Broadly
  • BrandYourself
  • Yotpo
  • BirdEye
  • ReviewBuzz
  • Bazaarvoice
  • Loox
  • Repuso
  • CrowdTangle
  • NiceJob
  • FeedbackExpress
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Top Chatmeter Alternatives and Overview



Podium is an interaction management software that is redefining the modern relationship between the clients and the businesses with tools to take responsibility for online reputation.

By: Podium
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Broadly is a service that helps small businesses grow and build their online reputation by winning them reviewers and customers.

By: Broadly, Inc
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BrandYourself acts as a reputation manager for your brand. It...

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By: Yotpo
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BirdEye is a system that handles review management. This system...

By: BirdEye
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ReviewBuzz is a customer relationship management that deals with review generation and analysis.

By: ReviewBuzz
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It has several solutions for acquiring reviews and utilizing them for the brand's benefit...

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By: Bazaarvoice
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By: Loox
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The distinctive feature of Repuso is that it can obtain data about the brand from...

By: Repuso
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It helps businesses to collect and improve reviews and ratings from their customers and allows...

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It can also be used to turn low ratings into high ones by allowing support...

By: Grade Us, Inc.
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The platform available across Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, making it extremely reliable and relevant...

By: CrowdTangle
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It helps businesses grow as it enables owners to attract more customers...

By: NiceJob
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The sellers of amazon manage their feedback communication with customers through FeedbackExpress...

By: FeedbackExpress
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Chatmeter Review and Overview

Online reviews help in promoting businesses in local markets. Chatmeter enables you to take care of your online reputation effectively and extract actionable insights from the review data.

Manage reviews effectively

Chatmeter provides review management tools that help you organize reviews according to priority for all the business you own. With its dashboard, you can quickly identify, escalate and respond to surveys about your services and products. You can easily track them and compare them against your competitors to gauge your standing. You can also review rating trends using Chatmeter. Its special tools help you get through reviews fast by automatically analyzing text and categorizing them according to their tone. That way, you can quickly know which reports are good or bad without painstakingly reading every one of them.

Respond to your reviews

Chatmeter ensures that you respond to reviews efficiently. You do not need to visit every site to reply to your feedback as they are already present in your dashboard, where you can answer them. It provides templates by which you can answer the reviews or create templates of your own. You can easily filter through reviews and respond in bulk. It can rotate your template responses with a click and tag them for personalization as well and get real-time alerts so that your team can respond and seamlessly approve their answers as well.

Get feedback and analyze

Chatmeter helps you build custom feedback forms which your customers can use to provide additional feedback and get in touch with your team. It provides customizable templates which you can post on your site with its widget feature. It gives three unique survey options you can choose from and customize at your will. Chatmeter provides Analytics Studio that acts as a repository of actionable insights directly from your valuable customers. It will help you build reports and integrate with business intelligence software to get more information out of the data. All knowledge is always at your fingertips.

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Founded in: 2009