By: Grade Us, Inc. is a reputation management platform that uses a variety of data sources to gauge the client company's overall online reputation and ratings. It can also be used to turn low ratings into high ones by allowing support to reach disgruntled customers and provide them with the most appropriate solution and compensation. It uses automation as one of its many technologies, which contributes significantly to its high ROI.

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  • FeedbackExpress
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Podium is an interaction management software that is redefining the modern relationship between the clients and the businesses with tools to take responsibility for online reputation.

By: Podium
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Broadly is a service that helps small businesses grow and build their online reputation by winning them reviewers and customers.

By: Broadly, Inc
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BrandYourself acts as a reputation manager for your brand. It...

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By: Yotpo
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BirdEye is a system that handles review management. This system...

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ReviewBuzz is a customer relationship management that deals with review generation and analysis.

By: ReviewBuzz
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It has several solutions for acquiring reviews and utilizing them for the brand's benefit...

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By: Bazaarvoice
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By: Loox
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The distinctive feature of Repuso is that it can obtain data about the brand from...

By: Repuso
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It helps businesses to collect and improve reviews and ratings from their customers and allows...

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It enables you to organize, respond, categorize reviews and provides expert guidance on how to...

By: Chatmeter
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The platform available across Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, making it extremely reliable and relevant...

By: CrowdTangle
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It helps businesses grow as it enables owners to attract more customers...

By: NiceJob
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The sellers of amazon manage their feedback communication with customers through FeedbackExpress...

By: FeedbackExpress
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Reputation and ratings are a very viable source of direct information from customers, which can be used for improvement in future services and products. Apart from this, good reviews also help attract more customers to the business, and if the management is done in the correct way, it can even turn unhappy customers into lifelong assets. enables companies to thoroughly peruse the leverage of customer reviews and ratings with its reputation management platform. It uses a multichannel approach for this, which makes it very useful.

Feedbacks that help in improvements

A good business isn't like that from the start; it is a result of years and years of constructive criticism. With, companies can bypass the long steps to gather information gradually and can funnel customers instantly and directly to their feedback services. This actually eliminates a lot of hassles and helps the company in getting only the most genuine reviews of their services. This is made possible by automated funneling through conversations and event-based redirection. also allows the company to get reviews from every customer so that others can see their excellent work and avail of their services.

Automated engagement options ensure reviews

The has an integrated automation platform that ensures that everyone gives a relevant review. Since it is not feasible, downright costly even, to have the customer support to interact with every customer and ask for a review, automates the whole task by allowing unique, personalized messages to be shown to the customer at different points of their journey. This engages them and guides them to leave a positive review. These engagement communications are omnichannel in nature, and includes emails and text messages. They are also contextual, and can be set to trigger during transactions or product retrievals.

Analytics to process the findings

The platform would be incomplete without the tools to analyze the collected results, and thus it also includes a powerful analysis tool to process the reviews, along with a reporting tool that can report the data in beautiful documents. These reports show the rate of change in stars, customer satisfaction, and more.

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Company Name: Grade Us, Inc.

Founded in: 2013