CheckPeople is an online background check and people search platform that gives its users access to public records of other people. The platform can be used to search for criminal records of a particular person before assigning them a role in your house or organization or just to perform a basic background check to find long-lost friends or relatives. It can also be used to search for or by phone numbers.

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  • PeopleFinders
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  • Truth Finder
  • eVerify
  • Checkr
  • Melissa Data
  • Radaris
  • Infotracer
  • PeopleSmart
  • SearchBug
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  • CheckThem
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Top CheckPeople Alternatives and Overview



Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address.

By: Spokeo, Inc. From USA


PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more.

By: From USA


Get online background report for people from; You can reverse search by Names, Phone Numbers, Address, Relatives, Friends, and much more.

By: PeopleLooker LLC,

Peek You

PeekYou provides the free and easy people search engine that you can use to find information about friends, colleagues, and relatives on the web.


Truth Finder

Truthfinder provides the platform that performs background checks and public records search for anyone in the United States.



eVerify online people database and search system allows users to lookup and access data of anyone using their name, phone number, email or location.

By: From USA


This tool helps you to increase operational efficiency, mitigate risks, maintain compliance, improve candidate conversion...

By: Checkr, Inc.
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Melissa Data

It can be used to find address & property history, ZIP code history, business &...

By: Melissa DATA Corp From USA


It can search anyone by their name, phone or address, and gives complete records including...

By: Radaris America, Inc. From USA


It provides the comprehensive background reports that consist of criminal records, arrests and warrants, court...



It helps you reconnect with your friends, find old classmates, retrieve phone numbers, find contact...

By:, Inc. From USA


The platform allows users to make a search for any people or business by name...

By: SearchBug, Inc. From USA

Whitepages Pro

of new customers and partners...

By: WhitePages, Inc. From USA


The platform can be used for both personal and any business requirement...

By: From USA


Allows you to learn more about yourself and your employees in just one simple search...


CheckPeople Review and Overview

Finding someone online can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The internet has details about everyone but is widely scattered across. To look up the details of an individual, people usually have to go through a lot of paperwork and a tedious process. CheckPeople offers a system that allows users to search for anyone's credentials through a single click. It has an extensive database that keeps on updating the information through public records and online sources. CheckPeople only provides accurate information, and the users can rely on the details provided.

Verify anytime

Sometimes it is essential to get to know about people. If someone is going to engage in some business or meet a stranger, the users can find them beforehand. The users can get peace of mind and feel safe that it is fine to meet and deal with the person. CheckPeople allows the users to search for anyone as long as they know their first or last name. Users can find any if an individual has any criminal records. The feature is handy for the employment process. It also assists the users to find social information about the individuals and their handles.

Confirm the given details

CheckPeople allows the users to cross-verify the details provided by anyone. Users just have to put up the details in the system. It also verifies the contact details and gives information about the owner of the number. It can identify the spam contact details and save users from any fraud. CheckPeople provides complete information, and it can prove to be useful in case of emergency.

Simple search

CheckPeople follows a simple approach to provide the details online. It does not have a complex interface and has a minimalistic design, although the users can refine their search by applying filters.

Company Information

Company Name:

Company Address: 530 Lytton Avenue - 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Public Record Search
  • Arrest Records Searches
  • Mugshots Searches
  • People Searches
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Instant Data Access
  • Easy-to-read Reports
  • Finding Criminal Records
  • Tracking Court Records
  • Locating Long-lost Relatives
  • Public Record Searches
  • Potential Roommates Research
  • Current Phone Numbers
  • Past Phone Numbers
  • Address Histories
  • Sex Offernder Databases
  • Marriage & Divorse Records
  • Family Member Lists
  • Bankruptcy & Tax Histories
Core Features
  • Checking Background
  • Unlimited Searches