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Citavi is a knowledge and reference management system that lets you organize your research and transfer it in the form of articles and research papers with ease. You can categorize your data and classify it according to various criteria by quotations and segments.

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Top Citavi Alternatives
  • Mendeley
  • Zotero
  • EndNote
  • RefWorks
  • Referencer
  • Paperpile
  • JabRef
  • figshare
  • Reference Manager
  • BibDesk
  • BibSonomy
  • Citationsy
  • MyBib
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Top Citavi Alternatives and Overview



Mendeley is a research reference management software that helps research students to maintain and generate citations, references, and bibliography using preset layout within a few clicks.

By: Mendeley
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Zotero is a personal research assistant application that allows research students to perform citations, collect information regarding their papers, and organize data according to their findings.

By: Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
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As a researcher, you are continually shuffling various roles, managing competing requests on your time, and organizing your activities in distributing research and those of your partners around the division and the globe.

By: Clarivate Analytics
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RefWorks is a reference and citation management software that allows the students and researchers to produce better research papers by providing citation and reference embedding in the articles.

By: ProQuest
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By: Referencer Developers
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Paperpile is notes and references management system that help scholars keep track of research papers in their library.

By: Paperpile
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It also enables you to find new documents and efficiently categorize them for future access...

By: JabRef
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Its algorithm checks for matches with many different citation styles and checks similarities among the...

By: Chegg
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It has numerous features for institutes as well as institutes to generate quality projects...

By: figshare
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Reference Manager

By: Thomson Reuters
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By: BibDesk
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The platform also allows users to collaborate with other researchers and find exciting discoveries regarding...

By: BibSonomy
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It permits users to focus more on the critical material, and spend less time writing...

By: Citationsy
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By: MyBib
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Citavi Review and Overview

This platform lets you efficiently create and store your work through a cloud-based storage system that you can access through your login credentials from any device and any location. The interface includes a chatroom that helps you contact your teammates and delegate tasks between them with ease.

Enhance search capability

With this system, you can effortlessly search through references and catalogs from the interface and then add the results to your offline computer within a few clicks. Webpages, articles, and books that your surf online can be saved in PDF and various other formats directly to your system, and then you can search for them through Citavi's interface. This feature is possible through the provided picker tool, which lets you grab data directly from the pages you visit. All the information you grab and reference is stored at a single location for ease of finding and referencing.

Write and collaborate with ease

Citavi enables you to efficiently write research papers, bibliographies, books, dissertations, and more as it readily integrates with word processors such as MS Word. The Add-In feature helps you quickly write and save ideas and thoughts during other works, which you can then refer easily in just a click and add them to your writeups. This platform lets you work on any project from all over the world through a collaboration based system and directly support projects with your collection of references and knowledge. Projects can be saved on both local and cloud servers to promote shared or independent access.

Organize and analyze

It promotes a time-based and productive work as it lets you keep track of your deadlines and plan tasks ahead of time for a smoother work across teams. People having recurring research queries can save them, and the system will automatically alert them for any new developments in that field. The intelligent system can automatically take care of citations so that you don't have to deal with plagiarisms. For all information you save, it provides quotes and keeps them in junction with that data. Summaries and comments can be written to keep track of ideas to enable quick formatting.

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