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Core HR

By: Meta4

Core HR by Meta 4 is software that offers HR and HCM globally which helps organizations and companies of all kinds to improve and develop their HR processing and manage the workforce with ease, keeps the employee life cycle and schedules in track with their cloud solutions to make the management easier.

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Top Core HR Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


Breathe HR is a core HR software that offers various tools for staff management for centralization, recruitments, payrolls, expense management, leave management, etc.

By: Centurion Management Systems
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Unum HRx offers an exhaustive HR utility software with great tools for employee records, onboarding features, time tracking, and other such benefits.

By: Unum Group
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BreathHR is a powerful cloud-based HR system with essential tools to manage your employees.

By: Centurion Management Systems Ltd From UK


It is a German company that was formed in May 2015 and now has over...

By: Personio
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Bob, also known as Hi Bob, is management software for...

By: Hibob
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People HR

It features career challenges, expert advice, performance comparison, detailed graphical reports, HR on-the-go, affordable pricing...

From UK
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With its innovative technology and services in the field of time and management solutions for...

By: BrightHR
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By: HRworks


One of the company’s most innovative products, Kelio, uses an innovative blend of technology to...

By: Bodet Software
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By: Solides


It can digitally manage several aspects of the HR; including attendance, on-boarding of new hires...

By: Humi
Based on 14 Votes


With its innovative technology and services in the field of time and management solutions for...

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Core HR Review and Overview

Managing the employees and their functions in your organization are the foremost responsibility of the head after one works for the progress and development of the firm. Employee management is equally necessary like all the other tasks being carried out as it takes more than just management. Employees are a fundamental factor as they help in the growth of your organization and implement your ideas.

With Core HR by Meta 4 cloud solutions, handling the HR process is easier than ever as they offer the exquisite and best technology when it comes to the management and users' experience. They cater to overcoming your daily challenges and offer you the best software and solution to speed up the productivity and efficiency of your business.

What exactly is the Core HR and how does it work? More about the company

CoreHR is a cloud solution for the HR and workforce management of your organization which eliminates the need for other software and takes the upper hand in providing you the best solutions in Core HR, Compensations, Workforce management, and Talent management.

The company is based in Atlanta, United States, and Berkeley Square London in the United Kingdom with more than thousands of employees. Core HR by Meta 4 is trusted by over 1300 companies and caters to more than 18 million employees around the world. With more than 100 countries using their solutions, the company has a history of more than 25 years and has an amazing experience in their field.

The pricing and plans, how to apply and what makes Meta 4 one of the best leading HR solutions?

The company has designed various plans and services that are functional in various areas of your organization. You can customize and optimize the plans according to your needs and gain complete control over the operations from a single platform at a very affordable cost.

One can apply for the software online from the site by filling out a form and providing them the essential details for the site to create a customized plan for you. You can also schedule a demo on the site.

Company Information

Company Name: Meta4