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Dexi is an artificial intelligence-powered data integration suite, and that helps to understand the cost of SKUs, connect to live dashboards and process data and prepare structured data for the web. The digital intelligence suite allows you to calibrate your solutions according to precise requirements. Using digital data capture robots and extract data from any website, it will enable you to transform, connect, and automate data for providing solutions.

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Top Dexi Alternatives
  • Parabola
  • Fivetran
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Blendo
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Xplenty
  • Logstash
  • Alooma
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Top Dexi Alternatives and Overview



Parabola is automation software that lets you automate daily routine tasks without the need of developers or coders.

By: Parabola
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By: Fivetran
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AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a cloud-based solution for the management of data flow from one system to another.

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4, powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, is the go-to software for import and export of data from Salesforce.

By: MuleSoft
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Blendo is a data integration software that delivers analytics-ready data to business intelligence software.

By: Apirise Inc.
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AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service offers smooth transfer of data from one server to another.

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Xplenty is a data integration and assimilation software which enables the user to combine, manage, and interpret data from a variety of sources on one single platform.

By: Xplenty
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By: Elastic
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Alooma is a data integration platform that allows you to modify and manipulate data & data sets as per requirement.

By: Alooma Inc.
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Dexi Review and Overview

There is a lot of software to gather and scrape data from websites to help in the creation of competing content and useful online services. Information and Insights gathered from online platforms are then organized in a way that's better understood by the people, allowing them to take actions based on it. Dexi's Digital Data Capture robots crawl the web and extract this information for you.

Gaining Marketing Insights

Using Dexi, brands and retail centers can access & identify who is selling their products, on which all platforms the sale is going on, and the price for which items are sold. It allows them to conduct more analysis of the data captured from the marketplace and helps them to calculate sales figures easily.

These marketing insights which are captured could be grouped and displayed on the dashboard and can be represented visually. It provides them with actionable analytics data that could be used for the improvement of sales or product designing.

Digital Data robots that capture data

It helps to capture data from different online sources intelligently and automatically using AI-powered algorithms that scrape data from websites. It collects information about a particular product, topic, or keyword provided by the user by searching it on different websites and web directories.

It is useful for E-Commerce websites for gathering sales data, booking, and travel planning information for online travel agency websites or gathering information about the company from various online directories.

Dexi API

Dexi also has an intuitive API for making this process easier. APIs are used by third-party services to integrate and use features of any application or service without natively including its dependent files. Dexi API can be configured and incorporated into many other services – making it easier to control and capture data using Dexi Digital Data capture robots. It also allows third-party services to schedule and manages when to start capturing data.

Apps platform

The app platform built by Dexi allows you to connect data to any of your chosen environment. It is possible to push analytics and data from services like Twitter, Google Sheets, and Forms, AWS, Amazon S3, etc. It does this with the help of third-party integrations. Dexi allows features apps like Change Detection, which can alert users about critical changes in data regarding their businesses.

Company Information

Company Name: Dexi