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Provides an affordable solution to keep your drivers up to date all the time, with the driver database for more than 2.3 million devices. Keeps each driver updates secure by providing the option to allow signed driver update only.

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Top DriverMax Alternatives
  • Driver Booster
  • Driver Easy
  • VueScan
  • Driver Genius
  • Driver Reviver
  • Driver Support
  • Smart Driver Updater

Top DriverMax Alternatives and Overview


Driver Booster

Gives you the complete tool to update your drivers quickly and efficiently to keep your computer performance at the best condition.

By: IObit.

Driver Easy

Gives you an all-in-one driver updater tool that can be used by individuals, businesses, and technicians.

By: Easeware Technology Limited.


VueScan is an online platform that provides drivers and software support for all types of scanners.

By: Hamrick Software
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Driver Genius

Provides a comprehensive driver update solution for your Windows computer with the silent and automatic update process for all of your drivers.

By: Avanquest Software

Driver Reviver

Ensures that you are installing the right drivers with this software, since they are taken from the original manufacturer’s websites.

By: Corel Corporation.

Driver Support

Provides a trusted solution for your driver problems, as well as allowing you to optimize your computer performance effectively.

By: Driver Support.

Smart Driver Updater

Keeps your PC stability by updating your device drivers automatically by syncing with the driver...

By: SoftCity.

DriverMax Review and Overview

To ensure that any device is running most efficiently, all the components must be able to do so. There should be no incompatibilities between them too, and the link between them and the OS of the device must be updated. This link is in the form of a program, called a driver. Having incompatible and/or older drivers can severely bottleneck the functionality and the speed of a component, or even stop it from functioning altogether.

While updating these drivers is easy, it is much harder to determine which driver is compatible with the device. When faced with updating tens or hundreds of such drivers, this process seems downright atrocious. This is where DriverMax comes in. DriverMax aims to automate the process of finding, downloading and then installing the latest compatible drivers for every component. It is extremely amateur-friendly, does most of the work itself and is ideal for people who don’t want to risk bricking their Windows PC due to a few incompatible drivers.

An innovative driver updating tool that gives control to users

DriverMax has the capability to automatically perform driver updates, without any user interventions. However, the user is still in control of the process by being able to choose when the driver updates will be downloaded, when they will be installed and what drivers will be updated. It supports all the popular Windows Operating Systems, starting from XP to Windows 10, making it usable even for people with older computers. Also, the installation is automatic, so the user can sit back and relax while the best configurations are auto-set for them. 

Preventing bottlenecking through the latest drivers

Bottlenecking and incompatibility are two major software problems for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. No one wants to disrupt their workflow due to slow and lagging PCs or get a bad gaming experience due to an old driver. DriverMax solves these problems by automatically selecting the most appropriate drivers and installation settings according to the user's rig. Also, it backs up the older drivers and restores them in case of incompatibility issues with newer drivers.

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