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By: Innovative Solutions.

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DriverMax is a driver updater software that is created and developed by Innovative Solutions, a software company founded in 2007. Aside from releasing the driver updater software, the company also releases other security software, such as Uninstaller, VPN, antivirus, and installer software. With DriverMax, the company wants to help users to keep their computer up to date with the latest drivers, so that they can increase their productivity and keep their computer running smoothly.

Automated Driver Update That Works Easily

DriverMax allows you to update your drivers automatically, since it has the built-in scheduler feature that gives you the option to automatically scan for driver updates at any given time. You can set it to update your drivers automatically every day, every week, or every month. In this way, you can easily set the software to run the update process anytime that you want. It also includes the backup system for your device drivers, which helps you to keep everything in check when there is a problem in the update process.

Driver Database Of More Than 2.3 Million Devices

With the number of devices that are being produced for computers today, it might be difficult for you to find the right drivers for your devices. However, with the intelligent driver scanning technology, this driver updater solution helps you to find the drivers for all of your devices, by matching them with the database of more than 2.3 million devices. The software has a self-learning technology that allows it to match only with the recent and correct drivers for your devices. So, you don’t need to worry that you are downloading invalid or bad drivers with this software.

Increase Your Productivity With Your PC

Many people use their computer for various things, and a huge number of people are using their PC for their business. It means that they have to make sure that their PC is running smoothly all the time in order to keep their productivity at peak. One simple driver-related problem can really give you a bad time in your business, or when you are using your PC. So, DriverMax ensures that you can keep your best productivity when you work with your PC, by keeping all of your drivers up to date so that your devices can run smoothly without any problem.

Keep Your Computer Secure From Malicious Threats

The good thing about this driver updater software is that you can pick the option to update only signed drivers for your devices. It means that you can ensure the drivers you download via this software are safe for your computer. Moreover, each driver that is downloaded with this software is scanned for viruses and other malicious threats before getting delivered to your system. So, you don’t need to worry about the security of your system, since the drivers are checked for any possible threats before you install them to your system.

Prevent Various Problems Caused By Invalid And Outdated Drivers

Though it might sound unimportant, invalid or outdated drivers can disturb your system stability in a big way. One missing driver for your scanner or printer, for example, can make your computer to freeze and stop responding, so that you need to restart it. There are also other driver-related problems that are commonly experienced by the users, such as the device stops functioning properly, computer shutdown, blue screen, performance lag, and many more. DriverMax ensures that you can prevent these problems even before it happens to your computer. One of the best ways is to keep all of your drivers up to date, so that you can keep all the devices to function properly, as well as keep the computer running smoothly.


DriverMax is the driver updater software that you want to use for a long time to keep your drivers up to date. It ensures that you get the latest version of the drivers for all of your devices, as well as ensuring that the driver update files are free from viruses and malicious threats before installing them on your system. With the automated driver update system, you can keep your productivity at peak and prevent frustrating problems that can happen on your computer when you have bad or invalid drivers. All in all, this software is a good driver updater tool that you should keep, especially when it offers a big discount for the lifetime license fee, which you can use for all of your PCs.

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