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Extensis provides digital asset management software with central and visual search across all of your content. It features modular system, scalable capacity, on-site or in the cloud utilization, smart millisecond search, modern OS support, managed upload, and more. It helps you to find files fast, avoid interruptions, reuse and re-purpose assets, and ensure correct access.

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Top Extensis Alternatives
  • Libris
  • Canto
  • foap
  • Widen
  • Bynder
  • NetX
  • Frontify
  • Nuxeo
  • Asset Bank
  • Adstream
  • Brandfolder
  • Webdam
  • Smartimage
  • Wiredrive
  • ImageRelay
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Top Extensis Alternatives and Overview



Libris is a cloud-based digital resource management tool for organizations across various businesses.

By: PhotoShelter
Based on 23 Votes


Canto provides digital asset management solutions that help to protect your branded content and work smarter.

By: Canto, Inc From USA
Based on 38 Votes


foap is an application specially designed for creative professionals. The...

By: foap
Based on 20 Votes


Widen provides cloud-based DAM system solutions that help to connect your marketing content.

By: Widen Enterprises, Inc From USA


Bynder provides brand portal and digital asset management software with seamlessly integrated modules.

By: Bynder B.V From Netherlands
Based on 15 Votes


NetX is a digital agency for web development. It works...

By: NetX
Based on 20 Votes


Personalized packages cater to the individual needs of clients and businesses...

By: Frontify AG
Based on 25 Votes


It features asset capture, batch import, video storyboarding, access rights, annotations, renditions, configurable content model...

From USA

Asset Bank

It features easy file uploads, automatic file preview, easy asset search, powerful download options, multiple...

From UK
Based on 37 Votes


It helps them in managing the files and suggests ways to make your ad campaign...

By: Adstream
Based on 2 Votes


It features bulk upload assets, grouping and tagging, visual platform, permission settings, private folder, user...

By: Brandfolder, Inc From USA
Based on 23 Votes


It features batch upload, comprehensive format support, intuitive folder trees, version control, multimedia management, image...

From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It features searching, filter through files, auto file conversions, auto-map metadata, batch edit, public portal...

By: Widen Enterprises, Inc From USA


It allows businesses to collaborate services and manage media efficiently...

Based on 2 Votes


It features unlimited users, granular control, scalable storage, Flipbook PDF, HTML5 video, keyword power, asset...

By: Image Relay, LLC From USA

Extensis Review and Overview

The basic products that are provided by Extensis belong to three different types of domains. You can choose between what kind of product and service that you want to avail from Extensis. It can either be fonts, images, or compression tools. The company was founded in 1993 and has been working hard since then. Now Extensis has more than 5000 companies are its customers combined. 

What are the domains in which Extensis deals?

They provide a lot of services in each domain like in font management, you will have the choice to choose between any of the services like universal server, fusion or suitcase team sync. Advanced tools like font-doctor and font-link are also available. 

In the image section, you can get access to portfolio management as well as workflow automation services. and the compression tools include geo-express, express server, and geo-viewer. Apart from the specialized products, extensors also provide you with many free tools for you to use that may include compression tools different types of fonts that can be used on Google Docs and SquishPic also.

Additional Utilities of Extensis

It also provides you with a universal server that will make it able for everyone to collaborate on the same platform easily. There is not a necessity that you have to choose from a particular type of packages that is made available to you by the company.

Packages as per you need

Extensis provide you with the solutions as per your requirements and needs. You can either choose the type of service that you want to avail as per the size of the company it can be for individual, professionals as well as for an enterprise. You can also get the services as per the needs of your business. They have separate packages management of font, brand, assets as well as the tools used for the geographic information system. 

Company Information

Company Name: Celartem, Inc

Company Address: 1800 SW First Avenue Suite 500, Portland, OR, USA

Founded in: 1993