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FeedbackExpress is a feedback management tool that is developed by Amazon. The sellers of amazon manage their feedback communication with customers through FeedbackExpress. It is a cloud-based software solution that helps the sellers to manage and automate feedback with the customers. It also provides a platform to design and make campaigns with the help of the positive or negative feedbacks sellers receive daily. They also provide a source to set-up negative feedback alerts through emails, SMS which helps to respond to the negative feedbacks early so that customer retention and satisfaction are maintained well.

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Top FeedbackExpress Alternatives
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Top FeedbackExpress Alternatives and Overview



Podium is an interaction management software that is redefining the modern relationship between the clients and the businesses with tools to take responsibility for online reputation.

By: Podium
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Broadly is a service that helps small businesses grow and build their online reputation by winning them reviewers and customers.

By: Broadly, Inc
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BrandYourself acts as a reputation manager for your brand. It...

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By: Yotpo
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BirdEye is a system that handles review management. This system...

By: BirdEye
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ReviewBuzz is a customer relationship management that deals with review generation and analysis.

By: ReviewBuzz
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It has several solutions for acquiring reviews and utilizing them for the brand's benefit...

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By: Loox
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The distinctive feature of Repuso is that it can obtain data about the brand from...

By: Repuso
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It helps businesses to collect and improve reviews and ratings from their customers and allows...

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It can also be used to turn low ratings into high ones by allowing support...

By: Grade Us, Inc.
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It enables you to organize, respond, categorize reviews and provides expert guidance on how to...

By: Chatmeter
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The platform available across Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, making it extremely reliable and relevant...

By: CrowdTangle
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It helps businesses grow as it enables owners to attract more customers...

By: NiceJob
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FeedbackExpress Review and Overview

To be successful in any business, customer satisfaction should be a priority. Through customer satisfaction we can achieve many aspects of the business, such as customer loyalty, growth in sales and revenue, increase in brand popularity. These aspects play an important role in Business development. Enhancing customer services will definitely enhance the Business targets. This is Amazon has considered the most and today it is one the largest online shopping platform in the world. 

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FeedbackExpress facilitates email templates that provide basic email structure with all the important tips of feedback, such as customer service, product review, and many others. These professionally translated templates into German, Spanish, Italian and French. It also sends phone alerts to the customers via call or SMS informing them to give feedback, whether it is positive or negative. This will help the sellers to respond accordingly to the feedback so that they can improve customer satisfaction. There is an option of email filters with this feature it helps the seller to send emails depending on the requirement. 

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There is a feature of blacklisting through which the customers who give negative feedbacks will not be getting further emails from the sellers like the follow-up emails. It is a platform that supports 10 Amazon market places. FeedbackExpress helps the seller to send three different messages per order, which are the order confirmation email, feedback request email, and a product review request. It has a resend option which is used by the sellers, where they can identify who did not open the emails sent by them. With this resend feature they can resend the mail after 3-5 days again.

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Customer feedback is essential for the business to know whether the customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the product and service of the company. FeedbackExpress has made all these features easy by providing a platform to automate the feedback process with the customers. FeedbackExpress the sellers to get higher responses if feedback from the customers so that it would helpful for them in increasing the customer's trust and getting more loyal customers. It helps the sellers to improve the customer service with ease and facilitates many features that can increase the customer experience.

It gives an improvised feature of conducting a campaign that helps the sellers to mention the start/stop dates of the campaign so that the emails can be automatically sent to the customers. It helps the sellers to build a good brand image and improve the sales and revenue of the business.

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