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Hivebrite is a community portal to connect, manage, and engage your members, be it they are your supporters, employees, or alumni. With the accessibility features of Hivebrite, you can stay in touch with your members, irrespective of where they are. You get access to all member profile data and control of the content shared by them. Send out tickets and invitations, build discussion forums, manage donations, or even open up job portals, all within Hivebrite.

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Top Hivebrite Alternatives
  • Plush
  • Discourse
  • Disciple
  • Codementor
  • Phorum
  • MemberHub
  • Flarum
  • Vanilla Forums
  • Discuz!
  • CX Network
  • UBB Forum
  • ZetaBoards
  • Muut
  • VerticalScope
  • FluxBB
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Top Hivebrite Alternatives and Overview



Plush is the most polished, user-friendly forum experience ever, featuring real-time discussions, beautiful design, an integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions and a world-class mobile experience.

By: Plush Content Ltd From UK


Discourse is a free open source forum builder application that allows users to create community websites and host or embed them online.

By: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


Disciple is a community-building platform that allows users to build different cohorts of people focussed around specific topics.

By: Disciple
Based on 11 Votes


Codementor is a solution that enables freelance programmers to help other developers, business owners, developers, in programming guidance.

By: Codementor
Based on 2 Votes


Phorum is free, open-source PHP and MyQL based forum software that can easily integrate itself with any website or platform that meets its basic requirements.



MemberHub is an online community management tool to manage groups over the internet.

By: MemberHub
Based on 7 Votes


The CMS is available in downloadable form and can be easily installed on any web...


Vanilla Forums

Vanilla open source community platform is suitable for individuals and small businesses...

By: Vanilla From Canada
Based on 66 Votes


By: Tencent
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CX Network

The company's primary mission remains to bring customer service delivery closer to the customer's expectation...

By: CX Network
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UBB Forum

The forum interface is easy enough for community members to share their ideas and feedbacks...

By: Social Strata, Inc. From USA


Build a brand new community of like-minded individuals or migrate your existing community to ZetaBoards...

By: Zathyus Networks, Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


It creates forums and commentaries for a website to carry out a discussion...

By: Muut, Inc.
Based on 2 Votes


Organizations advertise their product on the platform to reach their targeted audience...

By: VerticalScope
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The installation and set up is easy enough for even a non-technical person to start...

Hivebrite Review and Overview

Online communities pave the way for the growth of both an organization and its members. Whether you are a non-profit wanting to connect all your volunteers and supporters under a single portal or some education or corporate firm looking for a solution to foster strong relationships with your alumni or ex-employees, your search stops with Hivebrite.

It is an all-in-one online community platform with robust management and networking tools that helps you build and engage your community. What makes Hivebrite stand out is its customizable features tailored to meet the unique requirements of your expanding community.

Manage everything like a pro in one place

Managing all data and content of an online community becomes seamless with Hivebrite. Get profile information of all your members and load them into your database. After that, powerful customized search filters will let you find any profile within seconds.

Keep tabs on all profile updates of your members and carry out mass update campaigns without losing any information. Moderate all content shared by the members and choose what’s visible privately or open to your visitors. Apart from member profile and content management, Hivebrite even lets you administer all events, invitations, tickets, and payments of your community members and external participants.

Communications and membership management made easy

As a community management platform, Hivebrite lets you build and manage various membership plans, including even the most complex one. It aids your donation campaign by not only bringing all your donors under one platform but also by creating easy-to-use and visually pleasing donation pages.

Communicate with all your members or a selected few with Hivebrite’s automated newsletter. Carry out email campaigns or keep your members informed with mobile app notifications so that they never miss an event. Even if they do, you can always send them automated, responsive HTML emails, and ensure that they never lose interest.

Collaboration and networking opportunities with Hivebrite

Keep your community engaged with Hivebrite’s networking tools. Let the members know about your trips and check-ins so you can arrange for a meet-up with the ones interested. Communicating through private messages or tagging members on your posts can be a viable option if you are looking for connecting with partners or investors. Create discussion forums and job boards with Hivebrite or by integrating third-party services so that members can help each other or even mark availability for any of your vacancies. Build dedicated spaces and keep interacting with like-minded people.

Company Information

Company Name: Hivebrite

Founded in: 2015