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Influence is a social proof app that shows live guests, sales requests, latest order notifications, overall sales, and much more. It extracts the real-time information from your web portal and displays it on social proof notifications. This real-time information is characterized by bulk activity, live guests, and recent activity. Overall, Influence assists organizations boost deals and lead capacities with social evidence, live guests, and real-time events.

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  • Keap
  • Gist
  • HubSpot
  • Instazood
  • Jumplead
  • Systeme
  • Mautic
  • rewardStyle
  • Omnisend
  • Emarsys
  • Appier
  • Bronto
  • Ontraport
  • Act-On
  • Demandbase
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Top Influence Alternatives and Overview



<p>Keap (Formerly known as Infusionsoft) helps to organize, automate, and grow your business with tools designed to turn leads into customers, and customers into loyal customers.</p>

By: Infusion Software, Inc. From USA


<p>Gist is a suite of application organizations use to market, communicate, and sell with their clients.</p>

By: Gist
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<p>HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software designed to help grow your business.</p>

By: HubSpot, Inc. From USA
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Instazood is a popular social media marketing tool that specializes in supplying bots for auto-posting across various social media sites.

By: Instazood
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Jumplead helps to convert your visitors into loyal customers with inbound marketing automation.

By: Mooloop Ltd From UK
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By: Acquia
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rewardStyle is a fashion and lifestyle based firm that connects various brands, influencers and consumers via its networks, and drives growth for everyone by distributing original and the latest content in the fashion industry.

By: rewardStyle
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Omnisend is a marketing automation platform built for ecommerce businesses. It allows...

By: Omnisend From United Kingdom
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By: Emarsys
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Appier is an AI-powered marketing automation software that helps businesses and enterprises address the most challenging marketing constraints.

By: Appier


Bronto is a cloud-based marketing software designed for eCommerce businesses that helps to boost your business revenue through various marketing automation features.

By: Bronto Software, LLC From USA


Ontraport is a small business CRM system that helps to simplify your business and automate your marketing tasks.

By: Ontraport, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Act-On is an award-winning marketing automation software that helps you to focus more on your customers, with an integrated marketing platform.

By: Act-On Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 24 Votes


Demandbase is a cloud-based B2B marketing platform to help you engage more with your target companies.

By: Demandbase, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes

Influence Review and Overview

If you have ever attempted to book a hotel on the web, you would have seen little popups coming on your screen.  It shows what number of individuals are reserving the room, who has booked the hotel you are viewing, and how effectively others are reserving a lodging, and that inspires others to purchase/book a hotel. This is known as social proof. Social proof is applicable for all the businesses running online, from electronics to hotels to restaurants to clothing. The list is uncountable.

Everything on Influence is entirely adjustable. Influence social proof notifications look ultra-top notch and can be easily altered with styles, content, timing, and behaviors. Utilizing social proof notifications permits you to build more trust with your site guests, and influence them to purchase more from you.

Simple Integration

Influence is a multi-platform app, which implies it incorporates various helpful tools available online. Influence automatically connects with a store, shows all ongoing store events, and shows them as a popup to your site visitors. You should link your web-store with Influence, make a campaign, and that is it. Private businesses use Influence to tackle social proof and transform their guests into clients.

Data Insights

Influence algorithms analyze a large number of data to give you better insights identified with conversions and settle on better choices. Influence does not merely automate your drives — it troubleshoots any clearing issues and gives real-time social proof metrics all on one convenient dashboard. Unlike competitors, Influence focuses on conveying both customization and affordability. Why waste your money on traffic tools when you could get an incredible, automated social proof solution with Influence.

Easy to Use

Your campaigns will be up and running in under 5 minutes using Influence. Simply copy and paste the content and start making your most captivating marketing drives. You can add details while naming the campaign, pick the notifications you need to run, select where you need your data sourced from, and assign which pages will show your information.  Browse the website to know more about the features provided.

Company Information

Company Name: Influence

Founded in: 2018