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JustLogin is a cloud software platform designed for utility by the HRs of companies. It acts as an entire HRM suite and offers multiple capabilities for them to manage the company’s human resources in the most effective manner possible. It is also optimized for security and simplicity, so that all employee data processed remains private, even without any advanced configurations.

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Top JustLogin Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
Based on 48 Votes


Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
Based on 35 Votes


Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


HR-ONE is a fully cloud-powered application created to work as the definitive human resource management system for any size and scale of companies.

By: Uneecops
Based on 13 Votes


Quikchex is a provider of several business utilities and administration platforms, all working on the cloud.

By: Quikchex Private Limited
Based on 1 Vote

Charlie HR

Charlie HR is an HR management company that aims to provide HR departments of companies all around the world with a powerful digital platform that can be used to effectively manage routine and recurring tasks in the company.

By: Charlie HR
Based on 21 Votes


The software offers some features including Awesome backup...

By: HR Interventions Ltd. From Ireland
Based on 1 Vote


It features electronic data transfer, carrier billing, attendance tracking, government reporting, compensation management, organization charting...

By: Ascentis Corporation From USA
Based on 28 Votes


It provides a host of documentation services, along with employee time-tracking, attendance, and HR analytics...

By: HRdownloads
Based on 13 Votes


By: Bernard Health
Based on 4 Votes


It offers various features, such as holiday management, attendance management, HR reports, secure document storage...

By: Myhrtoolkit Limited From UK
Based on 8 Votes


It is available as standalone software on PCs running on Windows and macOS, and can...

By: Rippling
Based on 28 Votes


It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work...

By: HR.my
Based on 5 Votes

HR Partner

With quality tools, security and other benefits, it truly is the complete HR aid any...

By: Blaze Software
Based on 13 Votes


This human resource management platform provides for external links to unrestricted and fee-based associated features...

By: HeavenHR
Based on 1 Vote

JustLogin Review and Overview

JustLogin is a Singaporean software firm providing its state-of-the-art cloud HRM platform to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. It offers all the standard facilities that HR teams of companies often use, but it also provides something extra that makes HRs adore it. That list of extras includes superior security that enterprise-grade operations actually deserve, integrations that make the HR operations much easier and smoother, and last but not least, responsible developers who update the platform accordingly whenever a new technology arrives in the market.

Where technology meets with simplicity

JustLogin has a very simple interface, and each element in it is clearly defined. It means that only some amount of intuition is required to use it, rather than specialized training. This doesn’t, however, make it any less effective than its competitors. In fact, its feature set is rather large, but it is also kept accessible. Through the suite, HR can manage payrolls, attendance and timekeeping operations, leaves, company-granted expenses, and much, much more, all from a single dashboard. It is also self-sustains its data for its operations automatically, so that the workflow becomes incredibly smooth.

Going mobile with JustLogin

Another major benefit of using JustLogin is its mobile-focused approach. The JustLogin mobile app, called JustMobile, is a worthy accessory to its cloud platform, and it is designed for use by both employees and their managers. Every aspect that is available for management by the cloud platform is available in the mobile platform too in some form or the other. For example, the mobile app offers a digital payslip to employees every month, allowing them to keep track of their salary payments. It can also be used as an attendance or leave request system.

JustPeople: An innovative way to keep records of employees

Traditional employee record-keeping systems use paperwork and physical documents for the task. This can not only turn out to be clumsy but also leads to a waste of precious resources. With JustPeople, companies can adopt a digital method to store employee details and all the connected documents in a single place, conveniently.

Company Information

Company Name: JustLogin

Founded in: 1999