Kindle Fire 7

Kindle Fire 7

Forget an iPad, buy the next generation Amazon Fire tablet from its official site. The tablet has a thin and sleek design, with awesome battery power, high contrast display, quad-core processor, higher internal storage, expandable storage, and Alexa for ready information.

Top Kindle Fire 7 Alternatives
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  • Mi Pad
  • Acer Iconia Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy View
  • Lenovo Miix
  • LG G Pad
  • Micromax Canvas Tab
  • Acer Iconia One
  • Eve V
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Top Kindle Fire 7 Alternatives and Overview



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iPad Pro

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Surface Pro

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Fire HD 10

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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Mi Pad

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Acer Iconia Tab

The tablet has a sleek design, powers well using a Hexa-core processor, has a long-lasting...


Samsung Galaxy View

The tablet comes with a built-in handle stereo sound, streaming media, up to 8 hours...


Lenovo Miix

Zero in on the Lenovo Ideapad Miix tablet series, offering, Windows-based 2-in-1 options, lightweight design...


LG G Pad

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Micromax Canvas Tab

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Acer Iconia One

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Eve V

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Kindle Fire 7 Review and Overview

Kindle fire 7 is an HD tablet that offers digital services on all the amazon devices from books and films to video games on a bigger screen than mobile phones. The device comes at an affordable price with an amazing model and overwhelming features like fast processor performance, sharper display, tough speakers, and great storage capacity to download offline movies. The tablet consists of movies and games with great audio and video quality that help serve the larger purpose of the users. Also, the device involves great processing power capacity with amazing camera quality and battery life. Being cost-effective and stuffed, the design of the device is also functional with ease of using the media. It offers a larger and better display in comparison to other devices at the same cost with a much stronger value multimedia streaming service. Additionally, it offers custom applications to replace the regular and usual suites that are often attached in android devices.

Design and robustness

The outer appearance of the device offers much resemblance to its predecessors but is decked up with a lot of improved and exclusive features from within. The size of the screen comes in 7 inch covered with thick bezels with a matte back in black plastic form and three other shades – blue, green and pink. There is also a 2mp camera attached to the model in the top left corner accompanied by an amazon logo. Like the other devices, there are volume and power buttons on the top of the tablet with a micro USB charge spot. On the right-hand side, it has an SD point that can lift to 512 GB of storage capacity. Depending upon the way you hold it, the tools are simple to reach out to but while portrait clicks, one with smaller hands might have to struggle.

Display, camera, and hardware performance

This feature talks about the performance of the hardware tools attached to the device along with their display. The camera has the pixel density slightly low where you can read the book or look at the screen closely to read. The color definition is quite fine with decent angle viewing. The audio, on the other hand, is slightly a dull feature that offers mediocre sound quality with a flat and hint of bass. Since reading and watching are the main selling points of the device, the processor claims to be faster than the previous model. Luckily, one can also add up external storage to the device with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM in the internal storage. For the battery purpose, an additional cable connector is provided with the box which can assist you to reach full charge since the in-built battery is slightly underwhelming.

Top Features

Technical Details
  • Front Facing VGA Camera
  • 2MP Rear-facing HD Camera
  • Quad-core Processor
  • 7 Inch Touchscreen
  • SD Video Playback
  • IPS Technology
  • Advanced Polarizing Filter
  • Accelerometer Sensor
  • Audible Enhanced Format
  • Multiple Internal Storage
  • 256GB MicroSD Card
  • Micro-USB Power Adapter
  • Location-based Wi-Fi Services
  • 3.5 Mm Stereo Jack
  • Integrated Speaker
  • Single-antenna Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • USB 2.0 Ports
  • MicroSD Slot
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • External Volume Controls.
Accessibility Features
  • VoiceView And Screen Magnifier
  • Text-to-speech Voice Conversion
  • Closed Caption Settings
  • Adjustable Font Sizes
  • Adjustable Text Spacing.