Micromax Canvas Tab

Micromax Canvas Tab

Looking for a wide range of tablets at budget price in India? Look no further than Micromax, offering a range of Android tablets, with IPS technology, lightning fast 4G LTE network. Surf uninterrupted using a power long-lasting battery, high performing Quad-Core Processor, compelling display dimensions.

Top Micromax Canvas Tab Alternatives
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  • Lenovo Miix
  • LG G Pad
  • Acer Iconia One
  • Eve V
  • Lenovo Yoga Tabs
  • Samsung Galaxy Book
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Top Micromax Canvas Tab Alternatives and Overview



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Micromax Canvas Tab Review and Overview

Tablets have quickly substituted most gadgets for a substantial amount of people. They’ve replaced televisions and even laptops, to some extent. Tablets possess a lot of versatility as they pack both entertainment and utility in a convenient form factor. They are also praised for their commendable ergonomics. Micromax canvas tabs are some of the finest tablets out there. They’ve gained traction and massive amounts of popularity for their robust exterior and smooth software.

Endless entertainment

Canvas tabs are some of the most intensive devices when it comes to leisure and efficacy. They are equipped with countless features to make life more enjoyable. Some of them come with pre-existing deals with Eros Now so that the movie buff in you can rejoice. Experience enthralling sounds and transcend into pure bliss with DTS speakers. High definition screen with IPS ratings ensures visual treats for your eyes. Capture elegant pictures with breath-taking camera quality and wake the gamer in you and play immersive games.

Portable powerhouse

Not just entertainment, canvas tabs are furnished with functionalities that facilitate business operations also. Switch between different apps and display presentations or excel sheets, for powerful processors and RAMs make it easy. Expandable storage and high rated batteries make it all more sturdy and efficient. Choose your language of choice from a library of expressions. Turn your tab into your phone to place calls, and much more. Satisfy the bookworm in you by getting access to as much as seven free kindle bestsellers. Pick out from a diverse range of tablets that offer features according to your needs.

Top Features

  • Multiple Video Formats Supported
  • 30fps Video Frame Rate
  • Multiple Audio Formats Supported
  • USB2.0 Connector
  • 3.5mm Ear Jack
  • Dual Sim Support
  • 16GB ROM Storage
  • Expandable Memory
  • Gravity Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Light And Accelerometer
  • 2GB RAM
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 12 Regional Languages Support
  • Specialized Indus OS
  • Quad-core Processor
  • Massive 4000 MAH Battery IPS Screen
  • Lightning Fast 4G LTE
  • Dual Box Speakers
  • DTS Sound Technology
  • Android Lollipop
  • 5MP Rear Camera
  • 2MP FF Front Camera.