KW Finder keyword research tool is used to find keywords with low SEO competition, but high demand. This tool gives long tail keywords, specific keywords and key phrases for any query, business or niche. Based on user query, location and language, KW Finder can find hundreds of keywords suggestions along with search frequency, CPC cost, PPC value, SEO rating and competitors’ ranking for each keyword.

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Top KWFinder Alternatives
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu
  • RavenTools
  • Serpstat
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Tool
  • Market Samurai
  • WordStream
  • KeywordSpy
  • Wordtracker
  • Keyword Keg
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Keyword Revealer
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Top KWFinder Alternatives and Overview


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that helps users perform keyword research easily so that they can edit their content accordingly to come up with a better rank in Search Engine results.

By: Axeman Tech Pvt Ltd


SEMRush is an online marketing tool used by professionals for effective keyword research for their target websites.

By: From USA
Based on 66 Votes


SpyFu is a keyword research software mostly used by marketers to find out most profitable keywords for paid and organic search based on competitors’ data and keywords.

By: SpyFu, Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


A well rounded suite of tools that provides above average results but would not be considered excellent for any single utility it provides..

By: TapClicks, Inc.


SERPStat is a keyword research and competition analysis software that allows users to track search engine positions, backlink research, and more.

By: Netpeak
Based on 14 Votes


Ubersuggest by Nail Patel is a keyword research tool that shows historical keyword search volume data along with other relevant information such as CPC, Monthly Searches, Paid Traffic, Search Traffic, and much more.

By: I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Keyword Planner

Based on some input data including business keyword/s, location and category, Keyword Planner can give...

By: Google Inc. From USA

Keyword Tool

The tool needs users to enter their search query, location & language, and based on...

By: Key Tools Limited From Hong Kong
Based on 12 Votes

Market Samurai

Besides keyword research, Market Samurai also tells about many other things including how to avoid...

By: Noble Samurai Pty Ltd From Australia


WordStream kes research based on user query and finds some important stats including search frequency...

By: WordStream, Inc. From USA
Based on 74 Votes


KeywordSpy tool gives data for organic as well as paid searches so that users can...

By: From USA


The best thing about Wordtracker is that it gives you keywords that are actually being...

By: Wordtracker LLP From UK
Based on 1 Vote

Keyword Keg

It can perform a variety of functions to guide the user into selecting the right...

By: Axeman Tech Pvt Ltd From India

Long Tail Pro

Based on user query, Long Tail Pro shows hundreds of relevant profit-generating keywords with the...

By: Long Tail Media, LLC From USA
Based on 3 Votes

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer’s low difficulty score allows you to find out low competition keywords for any...

By: Keyword Revealer Software LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes

KWFinder Review and Overview

KWFinder is a simple keyword research tool created by Peter Hrbacik, a freelancer and web developer from Slovakia. KWFinder provides a simple keyword research software that helps you to find low competition keywords with in-depth result.

KWfinder is an online marketing company that is owned by SEO to provide marketing tools and search engine solutions. It is laser-focused with keyword research and recommendations. It helps to identify the right keywords and search results and solutions to target with affordable pricing plans and strategy. It is one of the best and most important facets of an effective SEO strategy with a great and simple keyword tool finder without subscribing to any apps.

It is quick and easy to use with an effective keyword organization strategy and suggestions that consist of localized keywords to SERP analysis. It addresses various business problems with the ease of researching keywords for any type of SEO campaign, whether it’s a blog post or research for the business sites.

Infrastructure and metrics

One of the biggest and notable improvements of KWFinder is its infrastructure that has completely changed the way they store the data. The company can cache the data in a more organized and sophisticated way by providing metrics immediately. This new update is mainly about the keyword SEO difficulty without making any additional requests. The company has removed several dead metrics like google page rank, twitter shares, etc, that are replaced by Moz metrics to take into account the factors like domain authority concerning the computation of the keyword and many more.


KWFinder is a web-based keyword research tool that can be used from any device. Since you don’t need to install any software in order to use it, you can simply access the website from any device and start using the tool right away. Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or PC, you can use this tool without problem. Also, it is available on any platform. You can use this tool regardless of the operating system that you are using.

Ease of Use

It is not difficult to use this keyword research tool. In order to use this software, you just need to enter the keyword that you want to analyze in the search box. The software gives the result to you right away. The result includes a list of low competition keywords related to your keyword, the number of searches, cost per click, PPC ads, SEO value, keyword interest graphic, and the list of the top websites on Google search engine result page.

Regional and Language-based Search

Not only can you search your keyword globally, you can also refine your search by the regional area or language. This can be useful if you are targeting a local market or audience that uses languages other than English. You can use the keywords to rank well in the local search engine result page, giving you the opportunity to dominate untapped market. With language-based search, it means that KWFinder can be used by anyone, regardless of their country of origin and target market.

No AdWords Connection Necessary

While most big-name keyword research software requires you to connect with an AdWords account before using the software, KWFinder doesn’t give you such unnecessary connection. You can use the software immediately without having to connect to your AdWords account beforehand, because this software uses a different mechanism in extracting the relevant keywords.

The Relevant Keyword List

With this software, you are not only getting a relevant keyword list for your keyword query, but you also get other useful information related to each relevant keyword. The number of search tab allows you to determine the popularity of the keyword in the search engine. The CPC or cost per click tab allows you to determine how valuable the keyword is. The bigger the CPC, the more profitable it is. The PPC or pay per click tab shows you how many paid ads are shown in the SERP related to that keyword. Finally, the SEO tab determines the difficulty to rank for that keyword.

The List of Top Websites in SERP

Aside from displaying the list of relevant keywords, KWFinder also shows you the list of the top websites on the search engine result page. Not only that, there are also useful tabs associated with each website, showing how strong your competitors are. By simply glancing at the result, you can determine whether you are able to outrank your competitors or not with your chosen keyword.

Imports and granular locations

To check your list of keywords all at once you can easily import the list of keywords from a CSV file and you can immediately get the statistics of all the keywords. Besides that, the new granular locations can be viewed even by the regions and cities unlike previously that allowed you to target the searches only to the countries.

Search volumes and filtering options

The company provides a chart that shows the absolute amount of searches as per the last 12 months, unlike the previous trends that showed only too limited months. There are also various improved filtering options available for more sophisticated filtering with the new user interface. Kw Finder can now also be used on the tablets to deliver highly user friendly and responsive services.


KWFinder offers a simple keyword research tool, without any necessary installation. The cloud based app allows you not to just find keyword suggestions for various keywords but also some important data along with it. There is a free plan available, with limited search per day and limited keywords per search.


The number of searches that you can do per day is limited in all plans if you're a heavy use, then you may require to buy higher plans.


KWFinder is a keyword research software that is offered to you for free, with basic and premium plans available if you want to increase the amount of your daily search limit. You can use this tool instantly from the website, without any complex installation procedure to follow.


KWFinder is a simple but powerful keyword research tool that helps you to uncover many hidden low competition keywords that you can target. With complete information regarding each keyword, as well as complete information regarding each website within the top ranking, you can determine whether the keyword is easy to rank or not. By simply picking the right keywords, you can easily rank your website for that keyword. This tool is worth to try, considering that it has a free plan that you can use right away. The price is also affordable, so it can save a lot of money in your search engine marketing budget.

Company Information

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Top Features

  • Instant Usage
  • Finding Competitors Keywords
  • Worth Keywords Optimization
  • Finding Long-tail Keywords
  • Finding Low-competition Keywords
  • Finding Niche-related Keywords
  • High-search Volumes Keywords
  • Finding Keyword Difficulty
  • City-level Keyword Research
  • Location-based Keyword Research
  • Targeting Keywords