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ManageByStats is an e-commerce platform that has developed for placing high-quality resources that help users in managing their Amazon Business in one place. It offers multiple tools that enable users to work together. It is a cloud-based mobile-friendly solution that is quite easy to implement, which operates globally and provides all its features with a simple login.

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Top ManageByStats Alternatives and Overview



camelcamelcamel is an Amazon affiliate and price change notification service that lets users know when the prices of products they wish to purchase are selling at a discounted price.

By: Cosmic Shovel, Inc.
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Jungle Scout

By: Jungle Scout
Based on 13 Votes


Perpetua is an E-Commerce and online marketplace optimization software that helps the business personnel in promoting their products and services over the online servers and websites without facing any delays and hassles.

By: Perpetua


Auctiva is a sales and listing management system for platforms such as Amazon and eBay that provide tools that will enhance your customers' shopping experience.

By: OpenSky
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Inkfrog is an Online Marketplace Optimization software that helps companies and sellers in promoting their business over popular online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay.

By: inkFrog, Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


By: A2X
Based on 15 Votes


Thus, companies must learn how to engage customers properly...

By: SageMailer From USA
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It also provides specialized analysis and research system that allows online retailers to zoom ahead...

By: Algopix
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By: RepricerExpress
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SellerLegend provides all the tools that users need for managing their Amazon business with the...

By: SellerLegend
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SellerApp provides well-defined strategies and assistance that allows users from beginning to end quickly...

By: SellerApp
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By: Feedvisor
Based on 12 Votes


By: SellerLabs
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Its Machine Learning-based advanced bidding optimization ensures that every penny you spend on ads goes...

By: Teikametrics
Based on 14 Votes

Helium 10

It enables individuals to sell products on Amazon and start earning with Amazon affiliates...

By: Helium 10
Based on 10 Votes

ManageByStats Review and Overview

When it is all about knowing the things that are going on your Amazon business, which are automating your brand's productivity, ManageByStats is the right option to choose. It is one of the best and real solutions for Amazon Sellers.

Get valid sales and profit

Users can have a look at the profit they have made on Amazon. For that, all they have to do is - entering the cost of their product and view the sales immediately in real-time, know about their ROI, margins, refunds, promotional performances, sorted by date, and range.

Get reviews and Feedbacks

The SellerMail feature of ManageBySatats allows users to automate the follow-up messages of their consumers on Amazon. It helps them in offering better consumer services, get seller feedbacks, and consumer reviews automatically. For increasing the productivity of their brand, users can use the pre-defined templates and customize them to write their e-mails and make themselves proud.

Access Your Full Customer Database

For selling your products on Amazon, the primary key for increasing the popularity of your brands is - knowing the complete details of consumers. ManageByStats allows users to have a full list of Amazon customers that also includes repeated buyers.

Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

ManageByStats enables users to see their finances of Amazon of any date. It also provides graphs that spot the latest trends visually in the Amazon business of users, which helps them in maximizing their profit and generating fore sales. It gives accurate access to a resigned breakdown of Amazon's finances to users.  

Get all the Amazon tools at one place

ManageByStats provides all the things that users want to make their Amazon business automates. Users can get the advantage of monitoring, automated responses to e-mail, regular automated updates, and more.

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